The little things in the Crucible that give me cancer

Plains of Strife Crucible complete with landmines, sign me up!


Grava stripping buffs and potions in the middle of a wave will be a riot :smiley:

Pretty sure they shall give him and the Arcane heroes the Loxmere treatment

I love the lighting. My pc is crap anyway so lighting is at low :smiley: I hope they won’t make it bright. it’s like you are alone in the heart of darkness, nowhere to run

Masochists confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:

First the devs, now the praets, this game is weird.

Poor Loxmere… unlike Grava he has nothing to fall back on :cry:

Yeah 147 Loxmere == free pass, poor guy, not asking for a buff though :rolleyes:

I’m getting the implication Loxmere can’t nullify in the Crucible.

He can? Never happened to me tbh, maybe he dies too fast everytime.

While all your points were spot on, this one is the killer for me. I spend more time looking through junk than killing monsters! :cry:

He can’t. That would be OP

He can use Nullification in vanilla, but it seems he doesn’t in Crucible according to Superfluff.

Meaning that Grava most likely won’t have nullification in the Crucible.

Just want to say that I want to take my words back, thanks.

I have never been nulified in the Crucible. Not by Lox, or any of the new mobs with the ability. I’m always looking for it when those mobs come up, but they never do.

It seems they removed that extremely annoying nullfying effect that “Arcane” heroes and Grava have from Crucible. Very wise. If I had to fight mobs that cancel my auras midwave I would just stop playing Crucible altogether.

1st start of game after the last update game me directly void map, but after i restarted the game it took me 10mins on the clock to get either one of the 2 new crucible maps…felt like i was going insane…

Please make it as a menu inside the crucible at lokar to change to whatever map u want, or at least in in a consecutive way, and maybe it costs 10tribs…but its most annoyting thing about crucible.

At last we get 2 more rounds, and the best thing the 2 new maps, and we have to cicle every single time we enter crucible just to get the map we want. i for one always wait until i get it, sometimes is very fast, but MOST of the times is very…annoying…