The Memebolter



Pros and Cons[spoiler]
Fun AF and your dreams will come true
Great energy regen that normal EoR builds struggle with
Can level with it if you got the items
Surprisingly slightly tanky
Gladiator 100 and SR 20’s viable!
Able to switch to an actually viable Sentinel build easily

Cant do much content outside campaign/nemesis/dungeon farming (pro for me)
Not HC viable, maybe? If you dont do SR/Crucible? Or kite like crazy?
Not noob friendly
Ult build requires specific items to work fluently
Most items cannot be target farmed


[spoiler]Dont get too excited, this build is NOT meant for deep shards or crucible.

Ive been wanting to play a doom bolt botler with bolts on bolts for a while now, but it just wasnt good enough. Now we got Eye of Reckoning which hits many times and fast, as well as new chaos support in FG. I use all the items with doom bolt procs, but a Clairvoyant set aether bolt might be more endgame viable, I might test that later. There are probably ways to make this build better but i dont have the items to test it yet and im playing real builds.

Why EoR?

It hits many times very quickly. This means our procs will be proccing almost instantly off CD and constantly, especially our CD affix from our belt. 5% may seem low, but its not with this skill. We like on RF buffs too, so you may solely use that if you want at the cost of noticeably less bolts.


We want Time Dilation first:
Blue crossroad
Lizard/Sailors Guide/Eel (any order)
Solemn Watcher
Red crossroad
Ghoul (bind to any aura)
Green crossroad
Behemoth (bind to any aura)
Take out Red and Green crossroads
Solael’s Witchblade (bind to EoR)
Fiend (bind to GoE)
Hourglass (Bind to DB)
Dying God, except bottom right node (bind to RF)
Then whatever, i went lantern


Enough spirit for items (~23), then the rest in physique


[spoiler]Weapon: Mythical Anarchy - DB on crit, yes please. Must have.

Offhand: Malmouth Void Tome - DB on crit, yes please. Must have.

2h Weapon?: Mythical / Wrath of Tenebris - Youll be losing out on one DB with a 2H, but its better for EoR damage, and even more so with a mythical version at the cost of another DB. At that point, you might as well make a more viable chaos EoR Tenebris Sentinel.

Helm: Covenant of the Three - Less recharge, chaos dmg, CD, +skills; its BiS for Chaos Sentinels, and (painfully) farmable!

Shoulders: Loghorrean’s Corruption - Good for % phys res and OA. Any affixes works, its just to fill res.

Chest: Mythical Vestments of Severed Faith - Good overall chest for chaos builds. No memebolt support here sadly.

Gloves: Mythical Riftwarped Grasp or Voidrend Talons - The riftwarped technically gives more DBs with CDR and more damage. For actual DBs, use voidrend and not the lv94 version since only the non-Mythical version has a DB proc.

Legs: Mythical Legplates of Valor - Health, DA, phys res… nice.

Boots: Mythical Golemborn Greaves or Stoneplate Greaves - You basically want phys res and health and fill in other res.

Belt: Rhowari Girdle of the Gildam Arcanum - Craftable! This item can only have 1 affix, and it MUST be THIS suffix or else you will lose good CD

Rings: Mythical Sigil of the Depraved x2 - We are always getting hit bc we are using EoR so these DBs will always proc.

Amulet: Empowered Essence of Beronath or Conduit of Divine Whispers - The Beronath is good overall. I luckily crafted a Conduit with RR, plus with its max res, it wins in my book. The ascension prefix is probably the best.

Medal: Blazeseer Crest - This is a pretty good blue for chaos builds in general. Alternatively, something with good chaos dmg and res.

How To Play

Turn on your 6 auras, blood, and GoE’s
Dash into a group of mobs
Spam ascension then DB to use it as much as possible
Use RF buffs on elites+



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