The modification of the orchard is the worst

The modification of the orchard is the worst. In the early stage, all fruits were rotten after December, and now the maximum yield is only 250. Even if upgraded to the most advanced cellar, it can only delay the deterioration of 50%, which means that there is only more than 100 use, and the actual loss will be more. Personally, I think the orchard has been weakened to the extent that planting is almost unnecessary. It is obviously incomparable with hunting, fishing and field collection. If there is a better area in the field collection, there will be more than 200 collections. Secondly, because the time of field collection will be quite long, from March to September? In particular, I forgot about that month. In short, there must be more than six months of collecting time. During this period, residents are extracting fruit every day, so in a sense, the corruption rate has been reduced. But the orchard can only be collected from September to October, and it will be corrupted after December, which means that its use time is too narrow, and in addition to the extremely high corruption rate, so it is unacceptable for designers to change the orchard to 250

Deeper calculation

In terms of apples, they will be collected in September and October, and will deteriorate after December. Usually, the first month of collection is very small, that is, October to December is the time for residents to use. If the orchard is calculated based on the output of 250 per year, plus more than half of the corruption rate (I don’t know the exact corruption rate), that is, only 125 per year, and only three months can be used. When the living area of residents is large, it is likely that some residents in the distance have no time to get fruit and they will rot. I estimate that the actual usage is probably less than 100

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I don’t place an orchard until after I have the Preservationist and the Glassmaker, with one worker and two workers respectively, and only three of each tree in the orchard. All my fruit then gets sold.


You are right.
Preserving the fruit is key.
It’s a waste to grow it before you can put it in jars.
Long shelf-life goods reduce Shelter Stocking duties to a minimum as the food lasts much longer.
That keeps production running longer, so more goods get produced.