The Mortar trap Counter

Hi all and specifically Crate,

First of all, thanks for making a awesome game. This is not some huge complaint or anything, but more a sort of curiosity of the thinking process behind this phenomena.

See since that i can remember and played with a mortar build there has been this counter of the mortars you place on the ground. For those who don’t know it counts how much mortars have been placed. So the problem with it, is that it just counts the total mortars placed in your game. It just adds them up and so you end up with a completely useless counter that just shows you the total amount of mortars you have placed the entire game.

Now i’m just curious about the thinking process behind it. It doesn’t have priority? I totally understand, then don’t put it in!

But honestly how much code does it require to fix? The only thing you have to do is link the counter to active mortars. To me that is just strange that something like that isn’t simply taken out or fixed.

Anyways keep up the good work



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Me and Fenix like this idea

I cannot confirm this. Just tested it and it works fine. The counter matches number of active mortars.
Are you talking about multiplayer where I’ve seen such issues with various skills?

I was talking about multiplayer and specifically SR. But let met ask you didn’t you notice that it just counts to your max amount of mortars in single player and stays that way? It comes down to the same thing, useless counter after max placed mortars. The point being it doesn’t count active mortars single or multiplayer.

I couldn’t have not noticed the thing I specifically tested :wink: . Have you tested in SP? I’d say summons counters in MP is a general bug, not tied to just Mortars.

Check out the end of someone’s recent video. The counter is dropping down

No, you said the counter matches active mortars. That is not true. It matches max mortars placed, once. I tested this in single player.(i underestimated how long my mortars lived :D)

*edit: your right in single player it is matched to the active mortar

I think it’s a general multiplayer bug. I remember running with stuck Storm Totems and Wind Devils counters when I played MP.

I see so it is somehow different in multiplayer. Specifically in SR. hmm. I can’t imagine why this would be though.

yeah i see that now. Maybe it is something like to multiplayer heavy or something? But yeah its only in multiplayer

I’m not even sure it’s just SR. I think I had it in MP MC too although I’m not 100% sure.

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