The most satisfying thing in Grim Dawn (fluff)

I never get tired of doing this in GD. Heck, even just watching my own video satisfies me in some way!
The best place to do this is in the quest cluster NE of Homestead, but the quest hub in Pine Barrens is pretty good too.

Of course it saves time over handing in every complete quest one by one, too.
Gotta remember what the quest objectives are in advance though.

Ha!:stuck_out_tongue: I some times do this with Hive quests bloodgrove quests and Karozz, I just keep on playing ad forget to portal back until I get to Fort Ikon. When I portal back i’m like uuuh experience…nice.

Yeah I also love that :D. Especially if it gives character lvlup AND lvlup of all devotion skills. Soo satisfying and feeling so much stronger, delicious! :stuck_out_tongue:

^Yeah, definitely!

And of course you can do this in act 1 too, forgot to mention that. Esp. in Elite+ where you can pick up the Fabric and Harmond quests right away for their quest markers, you can start in Devil’s Crossing and do every quest all the way to the Warden and then hand in everything at once, super satisfying.