The new production limits control is awesome!

The new production limits control is awesome! That alone is worth getting the p2 play test build.

Normally I have 20 workers in log splitters just cranking away. So I set min to 2000 and the max to 4000 I had like 7K firewood when I did that and instantly all the workers stopped and went into
the general labor pool. A few years later when the fire wood hit 2000 they all jump back into the log splitter buildings and crank out to 4000K real quick and then stopped working and went back into the labor pool. awesome stuff!


This will make a significant difference in the way wood is handled and the volume needed.

Sounds like a great addition to the game! Looking forward to see it going live :slight_smile:

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Where is the control located.

Inside most production buildings.

You can also press R to bring up the resources tab, from there you can click on any resource and set the limits.

The only additional change I would like to see is a tweak to the resource tab ui. It would be helpful if there were dark orange colored borders around the resources that are currently at limit with production disabled.

Oh, and a new icon rather than recycling the neutral desirability icon, that is a bit confusing.

Darn, I completely missed that option from the UI… I will have to check this again tonight.