The Outcast

Just completed her quests on Elite and she said that she is Aetherial who possesed human body. Why I don’t have option to say about it to the Inquisitor and kill her?

Actually Anasteria is evil spirit who resides in heart of human fortress.

At least we will have option to kill her in the expansion?

It’s a She, firstly. Secondly… It’s implied that Creed knows and doesn’t care. Thirdly, you can go kill her in Ultimate, if you want. The Faction choice is remade every difficulty. She’s not evil, really. She disagrees with what her Aetherial brethren are doing, and she’s aiding the Legion as they fight back. At worst, she’s reformed villain status.

Anasteria herself mentions that she suspects the inquisitor has known all along but her knowledge has helped save many lives. etc etc

what’s holding you back? go ahead and kill her because you actually can, but be wary! she must not be trifled with especially that godlike RR that nerfs resistances to the ground! Buried most of my weakling toons 6ft under:rolleyes:

So if you feel this way…why did you decide to spare her?

How Creed can don’t care for enemy in the fortress?

She’s aiding but what is reason to do that? What is her reason to kill other Aetherials? It’s very suspicious, maybe aetherial just waiting to possess/kill Creed.

I thought Anasteria is just a witch who blamed for being a witch. Actually my own character Arcanist+Occultist so he probably ‘heretic’ too. Didn’t knew it’s actually an aetherial in human body.

I’m pretty sure Aetherials can also be female. Or were all the aetherials used in the war of the gods male?

After you finish her quest in Port Valbury she says what the Aetherials are doing to humanity is cruel and wants them to stop. Still don’t know if she actually means this, guess the expansion will clarify this, hopefully.

Then choose differently on Ultimate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Creed apparently disagrees with your assessment of her value versus the risk.

Aetherials are inherently genderless.

Hm. Let’s see what she will do in expansion if there will be any aetherial enemies after death of Loghorrean.

If you read more into the lore surrounding Anasteria, she and Archivist Thelon came to this world and possessed beings and started their work. However Anasteria began to realize that humans could be a better ally used with their will rather than against, and is therefore trying to undo whatever the Aetherials are doing. I felt it was better to save her but she does have her secrets and this is something that you can see from what her dungeon looks like if you try to kill her. But that’s just speculation of course as they had to put something in her dungeon which they could always explain later.