The Quest Window >>>

Can the position of the quest window (the one that’s under the minimap by default) be saved whenever I exit the game? I like keeping it at the top-left corner under the difficulty label. It’s annoying to have to reposition it everytime I open up the game.

And also, some quests that I hide using the actual quest window (by clicking the circle beside the quest name) will appear again when I exit out of the game and then enter the game. Can both of these be saved?

Welcome to the forums Jaegernaut

Other char specific settings have been moved from the general game to the individual char saves, so it might possibly happen. I guess it’s down to how much time/work it will take to do in relation to how generally helpful it will be.

I wouldn´t mind these changes, QoL - stuff like this will keep people playing a game. I might have suggested them myself ages ago, but I am a complacent fool. :undecided:

Thanks Jaknet ^^ yeah stuff like this might have been one of the reasons for the save file tweak(s) in