The secret purpose of white items

What am I missing? Is there ANY purpose what so ever to pick up white items? Ever? At any point in time?

I’m struggling to understand why they are even in the game in the first place. They are the biggest annoyance I can think of (if not the biggest, certainly the most wide spread annoyance). Sure I can filter my screen from displaying them, but if you read old posts it very clear the devs are not going to fix the “Lock Item Pickup” option (known bug for > 1 year = brand new feature, better get used to it).

So, is there ANY use that I’m not understanding for all that litter?

White Items are to dilute the loot system. Without them you would either gear up to fast and grow bored, or the drop rates would be lowered substantially making gearing up feel like an unwanted chore.
The one place I would like to see them removed from is Vendors once you advanced to Elite.

Are you referring to the issue described in Item filter apply to pickup button and do you play with a game pad?

Dilute the loot system? There’s no purpose for them, no one picks them up. It doesn’t dilute anything except my enjoyment of the game.

They sell for 2 coins (which may as well be 0 coins),
You can actually level FASTER in the starting levels by NOT stopping to pick them up and equipping them (this is true - no joke),
They aren’t ingredients for anything,
You can’t break them down into anything

They quite literally serve no purpose that I can see. I’m not asking to increase any other loot. Just remove pointless annoyances.

If they fixed the option that has been broken forever, that would keep people like me from posting, but it still doesn’t address the real problem that all that white filth serves 100% no purpose other than to clutter screenshots for gaming websites and magazines.

If you remove white items, enemies will deal more damage, which means difficulty will increment a bit. Because every enemy will have at least a yellow item. Also you will have more enemies with green, blue and purple items. So, you will end also with an increment of item’s drop rate.

Yes, that’s the option that is broken. I wouldn’t use a gamepad if a gamepad was the last input device on the planet. :slight_smile:

Clearly you are more interested in whining then listening to the reasons why they exist so have a good day.

Also without white items then you have no yellow, green, blue or purple items. As White Items are the base items needed to be able to roll different affixes and rarities of said item.

Forcing a player to click on each yellow item on the screen instead of just pressing a key to grab the closest yellow item is NOT diluting the loot system. It’s diluting enjoyment and essentially making the option of using a key to pick up loot useless.

Yes, I will whine about broken features all day long.

Then whine about the feature you want to see fixed instead. Auto-loot. It does need refinement and I support this.

But your whine is extending to whites as a whole and you are essentially calling on eliminating them. Which would leave you with almost no items to pickup at all considering the fact that the base white item is what all your yellows and greens build from and use as their base.

They are essential and while their initial use is limited (whenever I make new characters white items are often the first things I find and equip until the drops start improving) they can’t be exterminated.

Just the way it is.

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Thank you, this is what I was looking for. I had no idea you could make yellows from whites. The game does not make that very apparent or obvious.

As long as there is SOME use for white items beyond level 4, then I won’t feel so bad sifting through them at level 85.

But it would still be nice to have the Lock Item Pickup option working.

Its for the how far can you get with only white challenge

I guess u would love if the devs allowed grey items to drop like in TQ haha.:stuck_out_tongue:
I think they break on drop or something, it’s a pity.

just filter them out

If they fixed the option that has been broken forever, that would keep people like me from posting

what is broken ? I have not once picked up a white item when they are filtered out

no purpose other than to clutter screenshots for gaming websites and magazines.

then filter them out and nothing gets cluttered

Their purpose is to have a balance, mobs do not run around in all yellow/green while you do not get swamped in those items from killing them

His main complaint concerns the auto-loot Keybind (and thus why he was taking out his anger on the poor whites) but he expressed his real intent poorly and during his ramble against whitey it becomes easy to miss what was really ticking him off. If pressed it picks up everything nearby without discretion, no matter what your “view” filter is set to.

On that particular issue I have to agree with him that they need to give it a bit more flexibility to avoid the all or none mentality its use evokes.

I don’t even think it’s actually a bug as much as it is a major oversight of the features implementation (on Crates end) itself.

Edit: on further thought upon looking at the settings for [Lock Item Pickup] under the General tab, according to its description it may just be a bug then or a combination of both.

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I don’t see the connection between yellows/greens needing to modify base items and allowing white items to drop at all. Yes I know you can filter them out but why even have them drop and potentially mess up the auto-loot, take up resources with the physics (yes I know its minuscule but it could be a source for bugs). Just seems silly to me.

You complete me.

So… What? Guaranteed yellow drops from the very beginning? I know whites have limited usefulness (you’ll more than likely be wearing all yellows by level 10) but I can’t say I agree with doing away with them based solely on the reasons you presented and honestly I’m having trouble coming up with any reasons better than the ones you provided to make it a convincing argument.

This is where the “dilution” arguments presented earlier in the thread gain the most strength when viewed in this context. And to me it’s a pretty strong reason for them.

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White items, the way I see it, serve immersion purposes as well as being the very first items you will be picking up on a new character so that you are not walking around naked.

They can be made invisible by switching the loot filter to show Magic+ or higher, so they do not present any detriment to the gameplay.

I’ll note that some of the other arguments in this thread show a misunderstanding of how code works. You can remove white items as droppables from the game completely without affecting any RNG percentages or monster strength, as they can still continue to exist just fine. This should be obvious from the fact that, you know, you can filter them out. Please don’t try to defend a feature by creating false explanations if you don’t know why it actually exists… it smells of fanboyism.

If that’s directed toward me then sure, by all means, remove them as droppables but leave them in the code to affect the RNG so we can also hear more complaints about nothing ever dropping (even tho technically behind the scenes they are dropping).

So keep on assuming that I haven’t already thought of that (I assure you while typing my last post I did… Doesn’t mean I feel like typing out every little whimsy) and claiming someone is making false explanations. That just smells of pure hater…ism.

^See how that works? Yeah. Thought you would.

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It’s directed at multiple people here who implied it’s impossible to remove white items without affecting gameplay. Any argument in that vein is just flat out wrong.

Everyone already filters out white items so I am not sure why it would affect complaints about dropping.