The Steam Awards 2019 - We can vote for Grim Dawn

Just a reminder that we can vote for Grim Dawn for “The Labor of Love” Award on Steam, like last year. Just go to the store and click the banner, here’s the link if you prefer:

The Labor of Love Award
This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the first unveiling of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.


Yep. I did it already. They deserve it.


Yeah i did already too. First i was like No Mans Sky until GD come to my mind.

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I don’t know… I hate the new dungeon so my vote went for Titan Quest :grava:

Yea… that’s not really a labor of love anymore. There are no original developers working on that game… just a small studio that Nordic bought up (Pieces Interactive) and put to work on it. Knowledge is power.

Nordic in turn (who bought the IP when THQ folded) is only interested in making a return on their investment. There is no “love” there anymore, if there ever was.

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Since Anniversary edition they gave us 2 dlcs and made a lot of changes to make the game even better, so it doesn’t really matter who worked on it in the past.

Most the changes they made were from the community fan patch that existed long before Nordic bought it all up. Again, there is no “Labor of Love” there… there is only a giant publisher trying to bank in on the properties it scooped up when THQ went under.

That’s amazing they work with the community, I don’t see any issues here :grava_yes:

Nothing wrong with working with the community… however they don’t deserve that particular “award” and have no right to it. Not where TQ is concerned.

If Crate went under and the GD IP fell into someone elses hands who then continued to MILK the property, I would certainly not ever consider them for any such thing either.

Well I cannot undo my vote now :sob:

Why do you think that THQ is milking TQ?

It’s not THQ. THQ went bankrupt and all of its properties were bought up by Nordic Games… who then CHANGED their name to THQNORDIC so that they could capitalize further on the THQ publisher name.

I laugh at some of the people on the TQ Steam forum who go on gushing about how “dedicated” the TQ developers are after “all these years”… and these people have no fucking idea that both the original developers, and the original publisher even, are loooooong gone.

wow I didn’t know that… now I must think about my vote once more

It’s like I said… knowledge is power :wink:

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ah fuck it… maybe I will get used to Morgoneth. My vote goes to GD :grava_yes:

Indeed and why would you deny them over a single rogue-like dungeon anyway :slight_smile: they have done tons of things this year alone. Released FG… all the QOL improvements over the summer… then this update which includes more than a dungeon. IMO the best thing about this update was affix and Epic item reworks. That was a massive amount of work on its own. It completely 100% improved the leveling experience.

Indeed. I expected too much and I am blind to the fact that this patch gave us so much goodies. Updating my favourite part of the game… leveling <3 :grava_yes:

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Glad I could enlighten you to the error of your ways.

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@Maska322 - Here is some reading for you if you are interested:

THQ’s fall -

THQNordic (the vulture) -


TBH with such a attitude you rather drive me towards voting for TQ instead of GD. (Edit: I want to point out, that is a Hypothetical Argumentation. I would never change my Vote to TQ. As i pointed out they only other Game which i would give a vote to would’ve been NMS)
It’s not pretty common for a Game this old, to still get support and they could’ve done a better way to capitalize the IP, by simply create a Titan Quest 2 wannabe, lacking in terms of Quality and Stuff… similiar to what happened to Sacred 3. Most People i know however are happy with the new Content from Titan Quest and are happy they could go finally back to the Game.

Call it a weakness of myself, for being a bit sensitive about this stuff, but such Fanboy’ism in that way kinda p*** me off. I mean i wouldn’t touch Titan Quest that much myself anymore, because i simply don’t like Titan Quest in general as much as other ARPGs, but i would be happy for my favorite Games, no matter from which company to still get content drops even after so many years… and from my experience / viewpoint something like that should respected / creditet.

Oh, and besides that… whithout THQNordic the Darksiders Series would’ve died… so i’m grateful they pick up such games.