The Steps of Torment, Anguish exit stone

Today I descended into The Steps of Torment. When I play I usually explore and kill everything before leaving an area. Hence, my plan was to enter in each and every room, kill whatever resides there and then exit. Once I killed the executioner, I looted the chests and then I was curious about the pillar in the little room. So I clicked on it (I thought it is some kind of a devotion shrine) and my character ran to it and was teleported to the surface. See, the problem is that I have only explored half of the Anguish level and there is obviously no way to go back down there, without forging a new skeleton key. I think it would be a good addition, if the portal to Anguish is two way (at lest for a certain amount of time). Once the executioner is killed, players should have the option to go back down there and finish exploring (or gather the rest of the loot, which they were unable to take with them). It is not the easiest level after all. This would make a fine addition to the game, as player who incidentally exit Anguish will have the ability to return to finish their business.

PS: I was actually clicking on the pillar before even looting the boss. So if the pillar was active immediately after the executioner was killed, I would have lost the boss loot.

I hope you appreciate the idea.

that’s a big change for a small problem. You teleported out early but still got the boss loot, so you got the best stuff you were going to find anyways. You can always just craft another skeleton key and run the dungeon again if you’re OCD about exploring everything; the level isn’t randomly generated so the layout will be the same.

Besides, when you hover over the obelisk, I believe there’s a message that pops up and says “teleport to surface” or something along those lines

Actually, it IS the easiest endgame dungeon.