the sticky

is confusing me

is this forum for discussing the projects or what exactly so we each make 1 mega thread to discuss our mods ? how do we use this forum differently than the project forum.

I think it was supposed to be discussing character builds of said mods outside of the mods forums .

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Modding - Projects is: “A place to announce and collaborate on community projects.”

Modding - Discussion is: “A place to discuss mods, modded builds, coordinate multiplayer sessions and enjoy community creations.”

Essentially one is specifically for projects and another is for discussing all aspects of modded gameplay, like a build you made in cornucopia for example.

I understand it like this is the forum to shift all gameplay related discussion to which otherwise would be written in the project threads…as this makes them kinda confused.

Not exactly sure about direct mod feedback and rating though since the latter takes place in the direct project thread and the Modding - Discussion forum description also says “A place to discuss mods…”.

But in case of unknown, I’d stick with what Nine said.

Modding - Projects would also pertain to Bug Reporting I would imagine. Obviously in the related Mod Thread.

ignore the sticky, its in every modding subforum :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s clearly a generic post.