The visuals of some auras are way to strong

First of all I want to thank Crate for the great job they did with the expansion. There is only one thing that really needs imho some improvement. The visuals of some auras are way to strong and if you use multiple ones, your characters nearly completely disappears behind all the swirling stuff.

To make it short, right now I’m playing a Spellbinder and he looks like a glowing, swirling blob with a hat sticking out. Furthermore I think the visuals for Aura of Conviction are rather unfitting as well.

Improvement suggestions:

-Remove the circling skulls from Spectral Binding and just stick with the greenish haze (the necromancer exclusive skills already add swirling skulls/ghosts)

-Make the circling skulls from Harbinger of Souls a little more translucent

-Make the ghosts from Master of Death more a little more translucent

-Make Maiven’s Sphere much more translucent.

-Change the visuals from Aura of Conviction to a blueish version of Aura of Censure or at last change the weird gold color to the more fitting blueish color tone of the spellicon

Attachment: Maiven’s Sphere.jpg
Attachment: Spectral Binding + Harbinger of Souls.png
Attachment: Spectral Binding + Master of Death.png
Attachment: Spectral Binding + Harbinger of Souls + Maiven’s Sphere.jpg