The Witch, and the Black Legion

Just thought to myself something after going through the lore starting at Homestead, until I arrived at Fort Ikon, and realized something.

The Black Legion makes no sense with their stance towards The Witch.

We play as a former “Taken”, and it is well known from the start that we have to work hard to earn others’ trust because of this fact.

So why is it that our deeds, that help those around us survive, regarded with so much more credibility than the Witch’s?

The Witch’s advice led to the Legion surviving a massive ambush and avoiding another that would’ve killed them off. So how is it that her “reward” is to be persecuted by the same people she helped to save? People who align themselves with our character’s deeds, who by all accounts should pose the “greater threat” if we look at this from pure circumstance.

The icing on the cake to me is that, should you help the Witch out, you lose Black Legion faction. It’s like the Legion’s saying to us:

“Hey, former ‘Taken’, we know that you could wipe us out without breaking a sweat, but what YOU do is okay, just so long as you don’t help the Witch, who’s also helping us out, but because reasons, we think that her deeds are somehow evil, and we hate her for it, so don’t ever help HER.”

It’s ass-backwards, and silly, any way you look at it due to the duplicity of the Legion.

That’s my 10 cents. I’d hope that the dialogue from the Legion would eventually be either fleshed out, or in the least have them pick a side and stick to it instead of the double standard BS.

If you read the note that the boss in Fort Ikon drops, it specifically says he has spread distrust of her among the Black Legion’s ranks. [The Black Legion] are then blaming her for him being corrupted in the first place because she corrupted him to silence him.

I actually think the Black Legion doesn’t know you’re Taken. Only Ulgrim knows and he hasn’t told the others. I don’t remember anybody in the Black Legion besides Ulgrim call you Taken.

About the Witch. The aetherial that possessed Lucius started to spread lies about her in the ranks of the Black Legion. Even though they know she helped save human lifes, they still think she’s an undercover for the Aetherials because they think she’s the one who turned Lucius into an Aetherial. The note Lucius drops when he dies explains everything.

Not to ruin the party, but you guys actually think about this story kind of stuff?

To me it’s like:

  • Kill anasteria – farm Outcast’s Secret, easier BL rep.
  • Don’t kill anasteria – Outcast faction augments and gear.

Sometimes I wish the game was like that.

“Do you wish to kill this person who the Black Legion doesn’t like for whatever reason? If you do you can get Outcast’s Secret. Here are the stats for the hat. If not you can buy these augments and recipes and gear.”

–Y Me want Black Legion rep and hat! Kill girl, me like the rep and drops!
–N Me want Outcast faction store and more quest and bounty options!
–X Me decide later.

I actually care about the plot in RPGs. I did decided to go against Anasteria with my Saboteur on Veteran just to see how it went and i was severely dissapointed.

Also, from a story standpoint i can’t kill her. She’s actively trying to help humanity against the Aetherial invasion (even though the reason is because she finds us fascinating). That and her augments are pretty awesome.

I like Anasteria :). Also You don’t need to kill her, You can get her helmet in Crucible regardless of faction choice.

Not only do I play games for the plot, but I find it impossible to wrap my head around the idea of not paying attention to the plot. You’re skipping easily half the game, if not more! Why would you do that?

For this type of game I’m not very imaginative. The quests feel transparent to me as a way to get things like experience and items very quickly and I don’t find myself so invested in it. Might just be me and impatience/lack of imagination.

I’m a bit different if it’s like a Bioware game or something like Mass Effect. In that case I might get a bit more invested, though I might choose a dialogue option at times just to improve the odds of seeing a naked lady.