The Witch Doctor - Pet Ritualist

Build updated to

Sorry if this is a really noobie question but I just started and was wondering why the offhand weapon is chosen even though you have no skills from the added bonus, do you choose it for the cool down reduction? thanks

The stats, both for pets and player.

Also, welcome to the forums :blush:

Aww I see thank you :smiley:

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Build Updated. Testing out stuff atm while stuffing face with icecream.


Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

Due to the recent Hotfix and this one change in particular: Mythical Circlet of the Great Serpent: removed Cooldown Reduction modifier for Summon Blight Fiend and increased its Acid damage modifier to 45

I can no longer vouch for the effectiveness of this build. Use at your own risk. The same also applies to my other Blightfiend based builds using the same Helmet.

I started playing during the holidays and loved the game!
Wanted to try a pet build (didnt finished the game at normal yet)
Im nowhere near gearing my characters. Is this build still viable?
Thanks a lot!

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The post above yours:

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Oh sorry!
I thought it had another patch after it.
But to level on casual difficulty, without doing crucible is still ok?
Got zero experience and seems some builds requires specific gears, and didnt know if for this one it was mandatory

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The current patch is the build in the first post is for

You can not really separate a build from its items, especially these end game builds that are posted here. What you are after is some beginner friendly starter build, check this out The Carnival - A Guide to Pets there is much information in that guide which covers pet builds for beginners. In particular, you wanna aim for a build that relies on faction items, guaranteed drops, and monster infrequent items firs.

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Didnt saw that! Thanks!


I can really recommend conjurer, they can make really fun and flashy pet builds :slight_smile:

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Yea thats what it seems… but I already have a bloody pox conjuror build.
And I have a level 20 necro…
Is it possible to respec your first class?

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You cannot change masteries (classes) after choosing them. Not from within the game anyways. You can use 3rd party tools like GDStash to do so if you wish.

But Necro is fine. However, I would recommend going for Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist or Ishtar - Pet Ritualist as Endgame options instead.

Also, welcome ot the forums :blush:

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Level 20 is like 40 min gameplay :wink:

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Thanks a lot!
Think ill redo a character.

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Hii Maya,

Its been awhile since I have played this game. A lot has change since then. I was playing various of your pets builds in that time and I quite enjoyed it.

Anyway I getting back into the game again and this pet witch doctor build of yours look amazing. Just wondering due to this one change “Mythical Circlet of the Great Serpent: removed Cooldown Reduction modifier for Summon Blight Fiend and increased its Acid damage modifier to 45”, does it effect the build that heavily?? because from the unstable anomaly node the cooldown reduced to 8s while the uptime of fiend is still 12s. I only base this on the skill node description, I havent play the build so my logic may not be right

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Yeah, builds needs looking into before I can safely suggest it to others.

For the time being, consider it out of date and in need of updating.

But even if I update it (if, because I really hate that Circlet nerf), it would no longer be a Unstable Anomaly build since that does not seem to be worth it anymore.

That aside, welcome back :blush:


Thanks for the lighting quick reply!

You recall what was the cooldown reduction before the nerf? The unstable anomaly will let you summon up to 3 fiends right? so now with 8s cooldown and 12s uptime you won’t be able to summon up to cap of 3 anyway I think. Sorry if my logic is flawed haha so much has change since I last played lol.

Previously you could reduce it to 3 seconds. So 4x Blightfiends on the field at once.

It was however considered overpowered since they had so much AoE and were good in SR. So, that CDR was changed to a medal which you can’t use alongside Ghol’s, making the current maximum 3 if not using Ghol set.