Theaters in a larger town

When town population approaches 1000, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep entertainment happiness cliser to 100%.

There seem to be diminishing returns when building new theaters, plus theaters that cover less than 40 houses have decreased efficiency which decrease their impact on happiness percentage. Problem is that there are not enough houses to support more theaters, unless you start building housing well in excess of 1000.

Or avoid upgrading theaters to T2, so that 30 houses are enough for a theater rather than 40.

Can we ask developers to review the entertainment happiness formula, and make returns diminish not so severely.

What we need is more different modes of entertainment. Theaters and pubs aren’t enough, and I’d rather not have pubs if all that’s going to do is make people get into brawls. How does that enhance happiness?


Different, overlapping, modes of entertainment would be better, if all of them contribute to happiness. That way you could do with fewer but better theaters.

Pubs have their own happiness category, beer. And I was finding that there were no brawls when happiness was full 100%. That’s what I was trying to achieve with 1k population, but find it impossible because new theaters don’t increase it anymore, stuck around 85%.

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