Theory Craft Stoopid Build - Inq + ??? (Elemental Seal proccer)

Come on a ridiculous and hopefully entertaining trip with me.

I count 5 items I can use to proc Elemental Seals. Then some pants, boots, and shoulders that can proc other spell-like abilities like novas, aether missiles, arcane blast, etc.

I think I’d like to go 2 pistols, so Inquisitor is almost a gimme. BTW, this is also my first Inquisitor build. Mostly, this is gonna be an alt that I take through Crucible from time to time as I use my mains to farm equipment. Also, per my sig, I suck at maintaining focus at the end of the campaign. I have almost 700 hours, have beat exactly Log once. I have no high level characters. Well, part of that was due to a HD crash a couple years ago.


I want to proc Elemental Seals and other Elemental damage effects just friggin’ always. I should probably find some RR to go with that. Wind Devils? I’m kinda sick of CoF, as I play Occultist builds a LOT. Nightblade? Maybe, there’s some elemental damage in there as well as RR. Arcanist for all the usual suspects. Soldier is interesting as well - the conversion with transmuted Cadence, the defensive sides of Soldier as well as OA stacking. Demolitionist is probably the most tempting. BWC/flashbang spamming over 3-4 Elemental Seals.

I’d also be willing to try this out with saboteur, I think. That could make for some weird but effective synergies. Slowdown over the seals, for example.

Devotions - Elemental Storm, Arcane Bomb, fo sho. Ulzuin’s Torch? Light of empyrion?

If ya’ll help me out with this, I promise I will figure out to how to cap and post videos. They may be of me dying in hilarious ways, they may be videos of me swearing as my GPU melts down. Who knows?

It can only be fun to find out!

This character is obviously not going to be super viable in higher difficulties. I loved the Boogermancer, this is my answer to it.

We’ve gotta name it.

Thanks all!

I was curious to see if the Boogermancer still worked, so I Stash’d myself the gear and tried it… and it didn’t work quite as it used to. Previously, all the procs could trigger other procs and you’d end up with infinite snot flying at your enemies. However, when I tried it, it seemed only one of the procs could happen at once and then they all went on cd. Not sure if this is true for all skills, or I was doing something wrong, but perhaps try the build out by giving yourself the gear, before you go level a character around it.

I’ve always wanted to do a similar kind of thing with other spells on items - I’ve considered seals, replicating missile and even doom bolt, but decided that in the end, if it doesn’t work how it used to, then it’s not even worth it for the novelty :frowning:

Hmmmm… I’ve def got 2 pistols that spew seals. Let me see if I can proc them right on top of eachother.

Saboteur or Infiltrator?

  • Infiltrator natively dual wields

  • Saboteur better +el% for the procced seals

  • I haven’t leveled an Inquisitor based build at all (I’d call that a pro)

  • Saboteur spamming BWC while proccing seals has a really hot sound to it.

Inquisitor sounds like it is a good mastery for this build in that it fits the theme (seals everywhere from gear + runes as well, = lots of colourful crap on the floor). Also, RR from Aura of Censure (which I like even if many in the community don’t).

However, Demo is my all time favourite mastery… you could lob bombs and BWC with all the seals for more AoE, plus buffing the fire damage they do.

Why Nightblade, though? Why not Purifier (Demo + Inq)? That’d make the most sense, that or maybe throw in Arcanist somewhere.

Nightblade for Night’s Chill, to apply both RR and Slow. Seals and Slowing is a really effective combination through most of the MC, before everything resists slowing to ridiculous point.

-Occultist has broken my heart too many times. (My favorite class early on)

-I’m prejudiced against Arcanist for no good reason at all.

Tell you what, Flying Potato, I’ll go purifier. Explosive Strike will be cool with this. I’m gonna name her Tuberious Invictous for you ;).

What is our primary class? What skills are we maxing out? Aura of Censure for sure, it sounds like.

First of all, I’m honored!

Secondly… what exactly are we looking for? Do we want a spellcaster to proc seals, or some sort of auto-attacker with added seals? And are we going to focus on one of the elemental damage types, or just go generic?

Early on, we’ll have the same problem the Boogermancer had - not a full loadout, and the gear is very… specific. If you want to level fast, I’d say start Demo and get those cocktails going!

Supposing we want to focus on the floor side of things (that is, scrap grenado and canister bomb, and focus on runes / seals), I’d say maybe roughly - that is, maxing everything that goes on the floor and stays there, and anything else is preference.

As for devotions, Attak Seru’s ability is effectively another rune/seal, so that fits the theme, right?

[EDIT]: I just went back and watched some of the original Boogermancer videos… damn that was insane. If we can recreate even a fraction of that…

That looks like a great start! I’ll start leveling this up and let you know how it goes.

If I had the time, I’d love to level a char too - then we could see how our respective builds evolve. Alas, I’ll just have to watch yours and see how it goes :slight_smile:

On an aside, did you manage to get the seals to proc each other? It’d be annoying to find that the fundamental build concept doesn’t actually work…

Ya know, I haven’t had a chance to try it yet :wink: I’ve got a pair of pistols and a gunslinger’s belt somewhere that I have to put on a high-enough level char to test it out. It’s a little more dilly-dallying around with inventory than I’ve wanted to do, as I’m getting Jajaja’s DoT Warden toward the end of the MC so I can actually have a character to go through Elite/Ultimate.

700 hours, plus all the hours on my old install, have only beat Logg once. Trying to fix that, and actually have a character that can farm with self-found until I build up a decent gear stash.

I’m at around 650 hours, and yet before AoM, I’d only once made it to Ultimate… Every character for me clears Log, then I get an idea for a new character and lose interest in the current one… so I sympathize with your situation!

Finally got around to tacking on a few levels to this character. Up to 25 now, going to run as fast as I can through Act II and III.

Anyway, say happy birthday Krieg!


I’m seeing seals stacked on the ground… does that mean the build is working so far? Or are those from skills?

I only have 1 seal proccing pistol I can use right now. 3 more levels and we can test proof of concept.

I’m pretty sure seals don’t stack, just so you know.

In terms of dealing damage with seals, I’ve had some good results binding Fissure to Inquisitor Seal on my Mage Hunter.