Theorycrafting - Tri Element 2H ranged Battlemage (opinions?)

Disclaimer: I am newish to the game and only have one level 85 (A warlock). To the best of my limited knowledge I think this build might have potential with the proper gear. Also I don’t know soldier very well so some choices for them might not be the best optimization. I don’t know if it can do crucible but I think it could handle ultimate. This is what I came up with so far.

The idea started out when I read a thread on Reddit about 3 elemental dot build not being viable because there wasn’t enough sources to boost all 3 damage types. So I decided to see if I could make one passably work. The main problem seemed like you needed to go out of the way for damage and needed great gear to make up for it.

With 844% (fire/cold/lightening) + 955% (burn/frostburn/electrocute) + 185% all damage (procs)+ -48% resistance from necrosis/elemental storm + 13% reduce from open hand of mercy, may not be the best but I think it can hurt a little. And with 2.7k OA+290(procs)+240(DA debuffs) could effectively giving you 3.2k+OA, with 147% attack speed and 60% crit damage, Seems like it should be able to hurt a little more.

This idea is a rough concept and there may be better gear/devotion choices. Also I don’t know if it’s better to push skills over the level cap or utilize the +3 soldier to get several small bonuses. And my only level 85 is a caster so I don’t really know how much ADCtH I wanted. I hope 14%+344hp/s is enough. If this has more survivability than I think then you could replace Haunted Steel with Oleron’s Blood, Blessed Steel or maybe even Hell’s Bane Ammo for more flat damage.

Also I might be wrong but I think I remember reading that %weapon damage can increase flat damage. So 476% from Cadence should multiply the flat damage from IEE and Overload by 4.7x right?

So thoughts?

WB is better for Ele dmg. -30% RR from vulnerability and 12% IAS is huge =)

800-900% is quite low for your primary 3 damage types. Also remember that Cadence damage gets converted BEFORE %dmg bonus from gear applies. You can also try to use Shard of Beronath as your weapon attack to free up points you put in cadence and open up more gear choices since you don’t need the +skills.

I’ll look into it. you loose some stuff from buffs but more than make up for it with other buffs. tho flat dot damage may be lost from it. Partly meant to make a elemental dot build. But it might work better to not try to focus on 3 damages and their dots damages. Shame Arcanist doesn’t have -% elemental damage.

The original idea was to rely on %weapon damage to boost flat damage from IEE and Overlaod. Which is why I choose Cadence . If I’m wrong about how it adds the damage then It may not be the best choice. If not I can try to make a build without it. it would free up skills and gear like you said. Maybe I should look into occultist instead for RR.

Sure the damage is a little low. kinda hard to technically boost 6 damages at once. I pick the gear to boost cadence and cover my resistances and other stats. the %physical damage is a side effect.

I know it may not be crucible ready. this is some outside the box thinking to make 3 elemental dot build work at least in ultimate.

one reason why i hate 2H ranged in this game is that they come with big chunk of armor piercing. silverbolt has 40% armor piercing which in a sense translates to 40% of physical converted to piercing. after balancing the conversion out you still lose a big chunk of your primary weapon dmg as wasted no scaled piercing .

for DoT builds to pack a punch it also requires significant sources of DoT from gear. plenty for each respective element available out there but hardly any for elemental as a whole. you better off just doing a direct damage crit elemental cadence