There seems to be a region limit per world. Is there any way to get around it?


I tried to merge my world (~600 regions) with the main campaign a while ago and did not get it to work. Doing so the game gets unstable (stops loading assets) or eventually crashes on loading in. I think the limit seems to be 1 600 regions per world before that happens, but I’m not sure.

You can import, load and edit all ~600 regions in the editor just fine. Loading a few regions (e.g. 100) in-game works fine too.

Can anyone come up with a trick to get around it? I’m actually completely clueless when it comes to things like this.

I think the limit is actually overwhelming the editor with a 600 region merger. Try it with a few regions at a time, maybe 50-100.

This unfortunately did not work. I’m merging both worlds through the “Merge From World…” option in the editor, which works really well. I cut down the initial world into small pieces, rebuilt them, and then merged them into the campaign after each other.

After around 250 regions added everything was working fine, but as soon as I add the next batch (~50 more) the game gets weird. Loading into the game only the first region loads (Devil’s Crossing), all connected ones (e.g. Lower Crossing) are completely missing. The editor on the other hand still works great, even if I add all 600 regions at once.

If I remove the last added batch of regions again and rebuild the world, everything works fine again. So I thought there must be a hard limit of how many regions in a world the engine can handle?

Nonetheless, thanks for answering so quickly!

I’m not aware of any hard limit. I’ve had mixed results with the world merge tool in the past though.

You can try shrinking the batches as you approach this hypothetical limit and see if it persists (ex. does it still break when you start adding one at a time once you approach the 300th region?)