There's no Epic Bleeding Resist augment

Pretty much what the title says. Every other main resistance (besides Stun Resist) has at least two, so why there’s isn’t one for bleeding? Is there any intention of adding one or change one of the current ones to also give bleeding resist?

I just find it really odd why Bleeding resist doesn’t have at least one.

Im in the process of capping my resistances for Ultimate, and i can say this: Bleeding is the last of my problems equips and unholy incriptions help a lot.

In the other side of the coin Aether, Vitality and chaos are harder, since most equips that gives that king of resistances are aimed for these kinds of damages too.

Not the answers you were looking for, just my 2 cents

There’s 2 sets of Bleed resists for Accessories (though one is focused on Cold/Vit damage).

Umm. Doesn’t Devil’s Crossing give you bleed resistance augments in rings and amulets?

I agree they should implement a epic augment with Bleeding Resistence. Right now only augments that apply to rings/amulets have bleeding resistence and i don’t get why this difference with other resistences.

With some of my chars i had really an hard time capping bleeding resistence in ultimate because of this choice of the game developers :confused:

I’m talking about the level 70 augments, the augments you unlock when you reach Revered with a faction. There isn’t one for Bleeding at the moment, while every other main resist (besides Stun resist) has two.

I suppose you’re talking about armor augments. Yes, that’s a pity. I’d use that.
But the expansion is on the way, so who knows. Spiky root golems and giant beetles look like something that may deal bleeding damage (and thus more options to resist may come).

I could have expressed badly, but i was meaning the same thing, i was agreeing with you.

I was responding to the posts above yours. I should have clarified that in my post, my bad.