Thermite Mine

Hi. I had a really fun thermite mine (+mortar) class in beta that I couldn’t really run because my computer was bad. I want to recreate it in the launch build, and my question is what class I should run in addition to demolitionist. Arcanist seems good for mana, but will Manifestation (skill that modifies Iskandra’s exchange) actually help my mines? Thanks.

I would say either soldier, occultist or arcanist.

Soldier would give you solid survivability using a shield.

Occultist can give good fire damage bonus and you can mix fire/chaos since thermite mines reduce fire and chaos resistance it could be strong.

Arcanist flash freeze is amazing with fire builds and also gievs good fire damage bonus.

I’m playing a commando atm and it’s doing great.

Having a great time with my Pyromancer.

Thermites scale with player bonuses not pet bonuses so manifestation will not buff them.

I’d go with Arcanist, Flash Freeze plus Canister Bomb will let you stunlock your enemy for a long time on top of your mines. Flash Freeze’s fire resistance debuff will also stack with the debuff from the mines. Furthermore, Blast Shield and Mirror of Eorectes are a great survival combo imo.

With a warpfire dagger…yowza.