Thermite Mines - please do no make them destroyable

This is really a nuisance…

Add a cool down, make them indestructible like the Mortar Trap. I love them, I would use them more - but they’re a unuser friendly to use…

I can deal with random placement, I can deal with other factors, but the fact they disappear as I place them or they just get blown to smithereens in an aoe, makes them unfitting for a 45 pt skill…

I propose:

1 mine
3x cost
6 second cool down
30 second duration
radius of 3 of the current mines

… they are just too sporadic to use right now, not worth the time they take t o lay down.

IMO: the mine should be a little flame thrower, should be a lot more fun and a lot nicer visually :smiley: