These areas

Hey, I was farming for dynamite and noticed that chests dont give sometimes dynamite no more. I know there was a buff to dynamite drop, around the mines and enemies around there. And a mine lower from the main mines, but still the drop rate is low.

Please make dynamite appear from chests again.

Also there are a lot of places where there could be more mines, there could be more places to farm dynamite.

That area down there, there is an entrance to a mine but cant go down there, there is a good place to place a mine to farm.

Here there is a mine down there, but cant go there.

You see two areas there were you can farm for dynamite, devs you dont have to make new missions for the new areas all the time. Just make the new areas, you dont need to put new areas and have to have new missions etc.

If you need dynamite, go to the Immolation. You get 2 sticks at the end every time and you’ll have enough crystals/shard to make a dozen more at least. The mobs there all love to drop embers/platings too, so not much worry about not having those. I usually come away with 5-8 effective sticks and it takes like 10, maybe 15 minutes to completely clear out.

Its not about dynamite only, there are two areas were you can farm for dynamite. So there are two areas were there could be more content, and at the same time farm for dynamite two for one.