Thinking about rolling a caster

I have a Warder/Blademaster/Commando all at various stages. Is there an Ultimate-viable caster build that can work off self-found gear? I’ve been hesitant because it seems like there is a lot of active-skill management, but I’m willing to give it a shot.


EDIT: I have a pokemon summoner from the Build Compendium…loving her albeit I’m getting bumrushed a lot in Veteran.

I have a Quick Jacks Elementalist in Elite difficulty with Skyfire Grenado and Wind Devil. I twinked a little bit, but not that much, and it has been pretty good, so that I expect you will be fine if you play self-found. However, I cannot say how it will fare in Ultimate. :wink:

Edit: The projected build is

Poison witch hunter is pretty good with self found stuff. Low level of button spam too

My Stun Jacks Commando is almost there…

But for a caster, this is something that needs to continue to be overlooked.


I do not want it nerfed.