This feels decidedly weird

I haven’t posted in an ‘Introduce Yourself!’ sub-forum for a -very- long time.

Regardless, saw Grim Dawn at about the same time as I saw Path of Exile back in the closed beta of PoE. After a lot of decision making, I chose to buy Path of Exile given it was actually at the time playable, which if I recall correctly Grim Dawn was decidedly not at the time :p.

But as somebody who really loved Titan Quest, Grim Dawn was really exciting for me. Plus I’ve got a thing for ARPGs with guns, sue me!

I’ve got all of 68 hours in it now, and I feel like a wee babby, but that’s definitely going to rise.

Felt like saying Hi to the community, and actually trying to interact with people.

Maybe get some build advice too. The cogs are turning!

Hello SadistSquirrel

welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn, enjoy your stay and if you aren’t sure about some mechanic’s in GD feel free to ask them. You can also use the guide and other sites to help you with those!

-Guide explaining the basic’s, some detailed information. What you might find and expect in Grim Dawn
-Items database the current items you can find in Grim Dawn
-monsters roaming in Grim Dawn
-Grimcalc creating a visual build of what you want to make

And of course if you want to see a couple of finished builds (to the current level: 40) go here
see you around!

hey Squirrel!
i also had a similar introduction to GD. I found out about while in PoE closed beta testing. I spend most of my time here now.

Great to have you on board, please dont be shy with feedback or suggestions, we still have a good core community here that is ready and willing to have a good discussion… similar to what PoE was like back in closed beta.

if you play HC add me to your contacts on steam if you want to party sometime. Steam name: sunandsteel71

Welcome to the community SadistSquirrel!