This game has 0 balance. OMG is it unbalanced!

not sure, if you say something crazy, 10 people reply that it is nonsense and you keep insisting, going back and forth with each one, you can get a big thread pretty fast… the key is to keep the replies coming :wink:

Of course the game is not 100% balanced, but it is not in the ‘OMG there is 0 balance’ territory of the headline

If you want to call out particular examples of unusually spiky damage, we can definitely take a look; but in my experience, there aren’t any I can think of that are “unexplainable”.

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Sounds good. I’ve just ordered 4 TB of additional storage and will be recording everything from now on. Will post the evidence in the appropriate thread and hopefully it can be explained.

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Don’t tell me this was your classless character you were levelling ? Please tell me he is still alive ?

Last heard still going strong. :smiley:

Except people are routinely being told when they ask for help with their current builds to throw away their character, or at the very least respec and play something else.

The way rewarding mechanisms are set up, it promotes the same top x% of the builds by a not small margin. It’s not a “okay, top crop gets 10-15% more of the important loot, which is cool, but not a deal breaker”, but a “top crop gives 3-4x more much loot for the same time than the ‘representative’ builds.”

Assuming that most people farm of course. How many do? No idea, but I certainly don’t. Just make do with what comes my way most of the time. I never plan builds using gear anyway, only skills/devotions.

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I’ve never seen anyone do this, at least not here.

Most people try to help with the items on the GT link itself &/or faction items.

It’s mostly optimization via skill point distribution/devotion pathing


(The above two in a thread where the OP specifically asked about builds/guides WITHOUT inquisitor)

Not the exact situation, but close enough.

I’m not even blaming you, it’s a reasonable course as you are trying to help them gravitate towards masteries/builds that can get through the budget farming bump and into crucible/SR loot heaven (or through the achievement checklist) with the least hassle.

EDIT: @medea_fleecestealer , good for you, and good for me (I thrive in unconventional, as in REALLY unconventional builds/the budget sphere of the game), but it sure feels like we’re the minority here.

This is incorrect. A very big portion of build platforms can manage 100-130-150x3 sustaining the tributes. 130-150 is much, much easier than 150-170 but doesn’t give much less loot. The difference in farming rate is there but it’s not as high.

Now you have me interested. Could you tell me more about those builds, the buffs used/tribute usage (and the farming rate difference)?

Yeah, which is why I find it strange. That’s all mate :confused:

I didn’t measure the exact time. Assuming we are talking about 150-170 3 runs sustainable for top builds, i’m basing this on the experience with my recent build for beginners with low quality items used. It can do 100-130 naked and then 130-150 with 1(one) empyrion buff twice. Based on this i’m confident it can do 3 runs fully buffed. Loot from 130-150 is pretty good, this is common knowledge.

I can test the farming rate with proper tribute spending and add it to my guide if you think people will be interested to see this.

Still alive, but I was very close to throwing my PC out of the window :slight_smile:

Phew…broke me in cold sweat for sometime…hoping you at least get to a part where you are personally satisfied…:slight_smile:

Well, you can make a decent Primal Strike build without inquisitor, but still, Inquisitor is by far the BEST ranged mastery overall, so why ignore it? I dont get it, really.

Strictly speaking I don’t care what people play. If someone wants to play something silly I won’t go out of my way to rub it into his face that what he’s going to play is shit and he should play something else.

That situation is, no matter how I look at it, not even close to the two examples before it. For starters I didn’t bump into random thread giving advice people didn’t ask for - the guy DM-ed me. Then I saw him trying to adapt my guide to another class and assuming it’s going to be the same because both have physical RR. And as a cherry on top he made it clear he wants to rush S&B. At that point I had no choice but to tell him that the latter is better done with another class and he has to made a choice whether he wants to keep a class or to rush S&B.

EDIT: I did agree that some posts like that are part of the reason why such threads exist, but at the other hand if someone makes a conclusion that the game is unbalanced because his genius build idea turned out to be worse than mainstream builds it’s totally on him, not on me.


Manowar quote… nice!

tbh if a game is balanced like totally balanced its isnt fun at all.