This is a bug?

Ok so some folks get drunk and kill people. The docs say unhappy peeps start brawls.
I had 1 dude kill 17 people just now. I’m fine with that IF i had unhappy peeps but I do not.
My town has a 100% happy rating. All peeps are in the green. Happy drunks should
not be killing people. :rofl:

Bug or do the docs need to be updated? lol

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Even if he were unhappy, 17 is over the top. I don’t want to make beer if it turns them into mass murderers!

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Also, that is mighty finely balanced beer: strong enough to make him frothing mad drunk, not strong enough to make him fall over and cut himself on his sword - my hat’s off to the brewers . . .


yes it is and why I posted. 100% happy rating means I’m playing the game well
but still get punished lol 17 is too many. IMHO

It is the same issue I have with plagues. I have water and soap and no poop etc…
but still every 10 years a massive plague hits and kills a lot of my peeps. Doesn’t
matter how much medicine I have or how many hospitals (I have 4 with 4 workers
in each) lots die. I am playing on the hardest setting so I get that it should be harder
to play but being harder to play should only be about getting to those levels and if you
do then no brawls and no mass die offs lol

I dislike games that think harder means random pain not related to your game play.

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Yeah that is some crazy ale lol

Good Game Design should not hit the gamer with Random Acts of Destruction without giving him/her some way to alleviate the worst of the disaster.
That makes any addition of plague or disease to any game set before Pasteur (germ theory) a real problem. Realistically, you can have all the soap, ratcatchers, sparkling clean town you can get, and if someone gets sick with a contagious disease, there’s no stopping it. Shucks, even Quarantine wasn’t invented until 1600 (in Venice), so people run around trying to placate Gods and demons or catch witches or purify their personas while the germs and viruses cut a bloody path through the settlement.
The best the game design can do realistically - and what I’d like to see maybe more explicitly shown in the game - is that clean (no poop), rat-free, well-fed, lots of clean water and soap should make the plagues less dramatic and stop earlier, but they shouldn’t stop them completely.
Even Rome, which had one of the better sewage systems (‘Cloaca Maxima’) and water supplies of the classical world, averaged a major plague of some kind every 12 - 15 years - and we’re talking 30,000 - 70,000 estimated dead each time: contagious disease was essentially, just part of living in an urban or semi-urban environment.

I cannot get to tier 3 as it says I have 0 out 25 homesteads required. I have 3 times that many , is this a general bug is there a solution. Mike

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Check your housing. Sounds like they’re shelters and not homesteads. Housing upgrades through the game depending on various things that you provide along the way. You start with shelters, then upgrade to homesteads, then large houses and finally manors. You may have 40-50 shelters, but they’re not homesteads. You need to provide for your villagers what they need in the way of food, desirability, etc, for the houses to be able to be upgraded.

make sure you have the food needed and auto upgrade on

Thanks people information very useful especially about shelters , I understand what I have to do now , Thanks very much