This thing made me stop playing the game

Hi !

First, sorry for my poor english

It’s not a “rage” post, more why just a little thing I think explaining why I stopped playing this game (I really like it) the last weeks… Reputation !

I want full reputation to have access to the 50+ bonus item (i’m 55), but the game give me the same boring quests again and again (again white mobs)… Today I say to myself “OK lets go, try to finish this quests another time”… But I just can’t go kill The Raven a billion time, it’s so repetitive and not fun… But I want this reputation… the result is I just stop playing the game.

Maybe i did something in the wrong order ? But something feel wrong and unclear to me with the Reputation game design… Why give us level 30 quests for having access to 50 item ?

Rep REALLY sucks for your first character. Its a bit of a fact. Grind it out, and get a character to max rep with all the factions, and you can have them place Writs in the stash that double the rep gains for another character. If you play through till ultimate, you can get most factions to maxed out without doing too much extra work, the Black Legion just about being the only exception.

Also, you get higher rep gains (Indirectly) on veteran difficulty than normal difficulty, because more heros spawn, and heros are worth about 35 rep points each.

I never have any problems with rep. Just play normally… explore places and farm items. Black legion is different story though.

Legion rep is especially annoying for first char

Once you max out on one char, friendly faction opens up super fast. Getting Nemesis on the other hand is boring if you want to do Vigil/Chosen

But it makes sense to require some effort as faction stuff is really good

Legion quests offer higher rep reward than others, and with +50% bonus it won’t take much time to max it on ultimate after all quests done.

i’m the opposite. this is the first ARPG where i could give a F— about quests and i love love love the farming. just killing legions of mobs for no other reason than testing your build is a blast to me. i have no idea why it’s so much more fun than D3, Torchlight, Path of Exile or Marvel, it just is. :cool:

It sounds like the TC doesn’t want to progress into Elite and wants to max rep in Normal/Vetern which is silly. Just keep playing the game and reputation will start hitting maxed in no-time. My first character to reach maxed reputation did so around the start of Ultimate. Just keep playing and things will get easier.

Thank for the answers…

Pretty sure I don’t did well to explain myself, because I don’t really understand what you said…

To resume : I’m ready to put 300 hours to level the reputation, but I just can do all the way the same quest again and again… Give me hard quests to do I will do this 300 hours with extreme pleasure…

What I understand of what you said to me : I don’t have to retake the bounty again and again, the regulars quests will give me all the Reputation I need to have access to 50 levels rep items ? What the bounty table is for in this case ? Maybe it’s a bug, because the tables seam to have like 5 quests max (I killed The Raven like 10 time so far)

P.S. I’m 55 veteran

P.P.S. Also I buy 2 time the thing to double the reputation… How I know if I already buy it ?

don’t grind reputation in veteran difficulty. Your level will be too high to gain any reputation from killing enemies.

There are 3 ways to gain reputation: killing the listed enemy of the faction, doing quests for that faction, or doing bounties for that faction. It sounds like you’re only doing bounties. Of course it’s going to be boring if you just do bounties over and over on veteran difficulty. Just beat the game and start grinding reputation in Elite difficulty.

Stop playing in Veteran and move onto Elite. Once you kill the main boss of the game ([spoilers]Loghorrean[/spoilers]) you can move onto the next difficulty.

Also, bounties are not the only way to gain reputation. If you bring up the reputation screen, it will tell you what also affects certain factions. For instance, you will gain reputation with Devil’s Crossing for doing their quests, doing their bounties, and killing Cronley’s Gang within your level range (you won’t get rep if the enemy is 5 levels or lower than yourself). So just going out and killing anyone associated with Cronley’s Gang will gain you reputation. Killing Aetherials will give you rep with Homestead, Undead gives you rep for Rovers, etc.

As for buying the Writs, it only works one time so don’t waste your money on multiple copies. You cannot trade Writs either so buying one per faction is all that’s necessary. To check if you already bought and used one for a faction, open your reputation screen and look at the faction name. Friendly factions should have a + (plus) symbol next to their name somewhere if you’ve used a Writ or Mandate. Enemy factions will have a - (negative) symbol next to their name if you’ve used a Warrant.

The Reputation screen is on the far left of the U.I tab, it will show you.

Jump to elite, mate. Reputation gain is faster, i didn’t actually do any bounties on my first char till end of Elite. You don’t necessarily need the Faction rewards to be at unlock. With Mandates, your second char will have the faction rewards at unlock without doing anything but quests and killing.

As prior posters have noted, grab the writ (if first time through rep) or pass the mandate down from another char with revered. Get to elite and you’ll gain a ton of rep just doing side quests and killing their preferred enemies.

But more importantly, you don’t need to max out their rep while leveling. All the primo options you’d want at revered require level 70, anyway. And there’s no need to worry about hair-splitting tweaks to resists and bonuses while leveling.

By the time you reach 70, you’ll probably be revered in everything that matters. Except Black Legion, which is a bit annoying…

Why do people struggle with Black Legion rep? I’ve always been able to max them really easy.

Probably because you have a mandate from a character that has revered status. Otherwise, you’ll be force to do bounties to hit revered. All other factions require nothing but playing the game, and by the end of elite at the latest, they’ll reach revered doing nothing. Black Legion is the only one that requires a little work.

Wtf, You don’t need max reputation in normal, stuff there requires lvl 70. Just move on to elite.

Thank for all the explanations ! I think I understand now… :slight_smile: