Thoughts on 2H warder forcewave build

This is the build im currently using
I’m stacking physical and trauma %dmg. Currently at 1k physical and 800 truma

Would you change anything or do you think it’s good as it is?

I’d love to put some points in blindside and brute force but idk where to take points from, and if I should at all.

Personal opinion, as much as the damage absorb is nice, raw stats aren’t that critical past enough to equip what you want, and physical is a better buff for base forcewave, 25 mastery for 1 skill is too much and the percentage damage from primal/oleron’s aren’t the most important parts considering you stack 1.5-2k from gear and devotions. I’d drop primal for Oleron’s. Save 15 skill points on mastery there that you can put to better use.

ETA: You might move the points out of Squad Tactics as well. The +all damage is nice and all, but iirc Forcewave uses cast speed, although otherwise still counting as a melee attack (but not a default even with the transmuter).

I see no reason not to max brutal force and put some points to wendigo totem. But be warned, that build will fall in power fast when you get to ultimate. Especially single damage suffers. I know because i just leveled warder to 75 with similar build. I used mostly legendaries so gear wasn’t that much of a problem.

It could work decently with a nice devotion setup and specific gear, but savagery seems much stronger at higher levels.

Other than what LastMaxStanding suggested, I would max Mogdrogen’s Pact as it now adds flat Physical damage and put points into Wendigo Totem for a strong, reliable way of healing.

quick and dirty, ignore the gear and devotions, I pulled up my forcewave tactician first to think about things, but then realized since he’s S&B and not using the transmuter that was silly.

Ok thanks for the inputs. I’ll change my build around a bit