Thoughts on a full bleeding group for 2 players?

After getting Ashes of Malmouth, my friend and I have decided to do another full playthrough. I must admit, we suck at building characters and we both got mauled quite a few times even in normal difficulty. So we’re going to just copycat two builds from the compendium. The idea this time is rushing to ultimate, then killing every nemesis and superboss out there. This is still a big claim for us, and we want to choose wisely.

I just got the idea of a full bleeding damage group. I think that means a Blademaster + Conjurer, but I wanted to ask if this would be a good idea to even consider. With a bleeding focused group, can we even do some damage to the superbosses?

Bleed builds are very strong with the right setup, bosses are not a problem.

But if you are about maximal efficiency, better have different builds of different damage types. It will help when fighting highly resistant to a certain damage type mobs.
You can also pick builds which share benefits from certain skills. Like Occultist+something, CoF for ex. lowers a great magnitude of resists, and will also support both chars. Etc. Team gameplay allows interesting and effective combos.

That’s the goal. Maxed out CoF and Devouring Swarm knocks out a 110% bleeding resistance. Plus all the poison, vitality, physical for bonus. But we absolutely suck and that’s what terrifies me.

I see just a couple of problems with the Blademaster + Conjurer bleed setup and those are: 1) unless you have tons of gear waiting for you at higher levels, gearing both at the same time for the same damage type may be an issue, especially for the person playing the Blademaster, and 2) unless you make sure you have good resists to your own damage type, reflect mobs are going to get you (think skeletons).

You mentioned you got mauled in normal level, so I would suggest you make sure you pick balanced builds that are on the tanky side instead of focusing only on damage output. Get your resists up, pick some defensive devotions and passives. Whoever plays the Conjurer might have to do much of the support and healing, while the Blademaster facetanks.

If you are not committed to the bleed setup, look up the reasonably powerful builds forum thread ( and pick builds that may be compatible and relatively easy to gear (or can work with less than optimal gear). I also suggest you pick two builds that won’t be going after the same legendary set, but have overlap in at least one damage type.

Most importantly, play what’s fun for you! :slight_smile:

P.S. This may be ovious but don’t pick Necromancer and Inquisitor at the same time. :smiley:

One is Warder other Witchblade :wink:

Witchblade and Trickster.