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Lurker and first time poster, hopefully I am posting in the right section. I have been cruising ok on my first run through of Grim Dawn but am stuck at Bolvar the Bloodfinder… had been loosely basing my Death Knight build from the 3 in the compendium but clearly my lack of knowledge is letting me down with this enemy… I can’t even kite him. Any help would be greatly appreciated to beat this dude and improve my build :slight_smile:

Are you failing to kill Bolvar with the build you linked to? Pretty nice to have all that gear on your first run through grim dawn :stuck_out_tongue: That is pretty sick.

Drop all WPS but keep some reaping strike. They will just slow down your damage.

actually wps that hit with two weapons at once will increase your frequency of cadence hits. Even if it’s a slow WPS (necrotic edge) it’s still way better to take it, it hits 5 targets and does decent damage. Tested it thoroughly with and without it, and it’s definitely.

and jdank that build should wipe the floor with bovar. Just keep the warcry debuff up, bone harvest every few seconds to keep buff up and then just hit away. use mark of torment if you are taking more damage than you like.

Thanks for your reply, greatly appreciated!

Will have a crack at what you said and see how I go, many thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Then wondering why mad_lee and other builders of DW DK’s skip those WPS?
I can’t say they add anything when I play with or without them, just seems like waste of skill points.

So as soon as I added war cry and spec’d up bone spike a bit I managed to kill Bolvar on the first try.

I had been following the two builds as a bit of a guide from the compendium but now I think ill do a bit of testing rather than blindly follow builds. Character feels much more powerful now.

Thanks to both of you for your input :slight_smile:

??? Bone Harvest

I still find if funny that have all this gear on your first char and could not kill Bolvar, whats up with that?

maybe he doesnt and he just copy pasted madlee’s GT link? xD

Yeah that was what I suspected, that is why I asked.
It would in general be more useful to get tips for build if one shows the actual build they are playing with @jdank

Hmm mad_lee is using those WPS now… I might need to re-evaluate them. I usually just take some Reaping strike on DK’s. The flat converted damage on Necrotic edge will do nothing against heavy armor mobs. But the 5 targets could be nice.

Ok so I suck, I did paste the wrong tools link, apologies :slight_smile:

ok that makes more sense, level 34. If you want a DK guide to follow for leveling, check out these 2:

which might help you much more rather than trying to aim for a fully legendary geared level 100 build.

The reason why you died was
terrible resists, attack speed and no life steal.

@malawiglenn thanks heaps for the input, will follow one of the two builds below. Had no idea where I was weak TBH!

Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:

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Those WPS absolutely shred with dual-wielding Cadence. I found it out thru tests. My first iteration had undercapped MA and Reaping Strike and capped Bone Harvest. But then I decided to leave Bone Harvest as a 1-pointer (just for Soul Harvest flat) and soft-cap WPS and build became much much better. Necrotic Edge hits like a truck.

Might try it again then