Tips on leveling a defiler

okay so im trying to lvl up a vitality defiler with pistol + offhand but its really really hard to lvl up

the damage is sooooo low and i die a lot. i need like 10 min to kill a raidboss
so i’d like some tips on how to do the leveling a bit more easy
maybe some specific items or devotions or boost some specific skills first, dunno

here’s my build

Im on the way to work at the moment but just on first glance, the dying a lot is likely due to your resistances which have a lot of holes even for Normal mode. When I have more time to look at this and provide some tips how to reinforce its survivability. Armor is low too. Didnt get a chance to look at your gear.

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Suppose you want to level up using Drain Essence (and that is good skill to level up if you build it properly). then your build might look like this -
Here Necromancer mastery is pretty finished and you can then assign points into Demolitionist mastery.

You need concentrate on %aether damage on gear and a bit of %vitality damage if possible. You don’t want any conversion from aether or vitality to other damage types ! Like you have on your shoulders. Conversion from aether to elemental on those shoulder is very bad . Change them asap.

Drain Essence is an energy hungry skill so you need Ectoplasms in your rings and amulet. Also mind the devotion setup I offered - take Scholar’s Light, Lotus for energy regen. Then take Widow for -%aether resistance debuff. Very valuable.

Start fight by using Ill Omen on 1 monster and then it will spread itself out to other mobs. It is a very useful skill and it procs the Bat devotion very good too. Use Mark of Torment on tough enemies like elites and bosses.

You should farm this shield - it is very nice for Drain Essence and makes the gameplay much more enjoyable.
Use components like Antivenom Salvo , Black tallow , Silk Swatch (use search funcion in the blacksmith’s window) . Also if possible craft another relic like Mortality. Check factions vendors buy all the recipes from them as they become available. Check their gear.

I’m leveling up my Spellbinder using Drain Essence and I’m lvl 54 atm . Everything dies very fast and no problems with bosses at all. here’s my build -


Also forgot to mention a good medal for Drain Essence that can drop from Ilgorr ( ) he can be found in Suffering in SoT.

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110% support the above 2 posts. @Garfunkel speaks the truth. Drain essence is one of the most fun skills to level with once you get that farmable shield in Arkovian Undercity. It makes a huge difference.

Defiler is an easy peasy class to level as a fire caster or perhaps with Ravenous Earth. Your problem is you’ve pushed your Mastery bars too much instead of picking up skills to improve your damage.

why concentrate on aether damage and not vitality tho?

Because your gear already buffs aether damage more. If you still prefer vitality then feel free to do it of course. I personally find that my aether damage on DE is higher. You can see it in stats Tab II if you hover your mouse over the name of your skill.

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