Titan Calc - U Rock!

Working on skill stuff atm. I must be getting old because I can’t remember half the shit I did on TQ. I vaguely remember what most of the skills are in each mastery but often don’t remember exactly what parameters are on them… although, sometimes I completely forget skills exist.

Just wanted to thank whoever created TitanCalc. It’s been quite useful for refreshing my memory. :smiley:

Right now I’m thinking about a team buff for the soldier class and wanted to see if / how different what I had in mind was from Battle Awareness on the Defensive mastery. Lol, I admit I actually forgot the name of the skill, whether it was even team or self, and had no idea what parameters were on it.

In some ways, maybe that is good that I don’t remember too much lest I feel pressured into changing things just for the sake of being different. I definitely want to create some new, fresh-feeling masteries, but I don’t want to not do something that makes good sense just to differentiate it more. It is a fine balance.

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Med, honestly, when using titanCalc I always thought how much work it must’ve been to collect, copy-paste or retype all that information.
Right now I’m thinking that i’ve never thanked the person thinking up the skills in the first place.

All in all, I think we should thank YOU, for having the masteries and skills in the first place! :wink:

I certainly appreciate the sentiment, but I did, after all, get paid for my work on Titan Quest. Mr. TitanCalc or rather, the website indicates it was created by a guy named Mark Hansen, has toiled without reward. So, I think some thanks are definitely in order, at least on my part.

I mean sure, I could also go look the stats up on gamebanshee or the like, but titancalc is just so damn convenient.

true, still it must be flattering to see people spent so much time (for free) for a thing you created. I admit i’ve never created a character and played it through the game without use of titancalc somewhere in between. Maybe it’s an idea to incorporate this into the game? I remember you reacted on the forum to some guy who was talking about a built-in forum. Maybe this could be a part of that incorporation? And an automatic overview of what masteries are more popular, so in the end you could maybe nerf the unpopular masteries.

Plus, you got paid for MAKING it, while i thank you for CREATING it. Not to pull StoneDonkey down, but it’s way easier to recreate, than to create.

In the end, props to both of you!

Heh, it’s an awesome tool. For sure. Although stonedonkey might actually make a nice buck for it in the form of ads. It’s a well-visited site.

TitanCalc is great, totally agree :slight_smile:

I didn’t actually take the time to use it, but it definitely is something I should have been looking at for when I was working on characters. I wouldn’t be surprised to see TitanCalc back in some form for GD…


Titancalc is an awesome tool. It is the WoW talent calculator of Titan Quest.

TitanCalc is really great.

stonedonkey posts on Shacknews.com, which incidentally is how I found out that Grim Dawn was being made.

I still use Titan Calc to this day… such a great tool to map out builds.

I think Crate should make something similar to TitanCalc for Grim Dawn on this site :slight_smile:

Now come on. Doing stuff like that is the most typical and traditional kind of fansite-work ever.

Having the dev’s make such stuff themselves could discourage people to run cool fansites. And well-run fansites are the most cost-effective kind of marketing you can have.

Yet you see a trend starting with the big names where they look to centralize game and meta-game information and user-created content, e.g., Activision/Blizzard’s Battle.net 2.0 and the EA/Bioware Social Site.

I would be more interested in seeing how exposed the game data is, to make it as easy as possible to set up and maintain (throughout the patching and update cycles) such external sites and client-side applications to record, manipulate, and retrieve such game data.