Titan Class

That should be an exclusive for a new mastery: librarian.

As for dw-ing 2h, is it possible in the real world? No. Would it be fun in a video game game? Why not? Would it be worth completely messing up GD mechanics? Hell no.

Hm… But can you dual-read both at once? Magic can be complicated and we have anough Aetherials around already. :wink:

PS: Never try to summon a demon whose name you can’t pronounce… They can be picky when it comes to misspelling…

Obvious troll is obvious.

That’s just like, your opinion man.

In a completely fictional world with magic and monsters, this is where you draw the line for realism?

A modulus is a pretty simple implementation when calculating numbers. Just saying.

The only problem I can see with dual wielding 2h weapon is balancing reason. Either we need a super heavy penalty for dual-wielding 2h or extra bonus for not dual-wielding 2h. It’s gonna be a mess, so I don’t think it’s plausible at this point.

However, the argument saying that it is UNREALISTIC so it shouldn’t be implemented just baffles me. A lot of stuff in GD is pretty unrealistic if you want to break it down. Where do you draw the line?

In some systems (dnd some editions) you can wield one handed weapons in two hands.

The suggestion of 2 handed weapons in 1 hand reminds me of that. It could be implemented. But at this stage is all the work worth it? We could make one handed weapons all be able to 2 hand and give a bonus like in DnD but is the effort worth it? Why not have kung-fu, spears, chakrams, bladed/spiked armor, etc? Would be cool but is it worth it to ‘make it happen’?

Spot on. You also need to consider where the weapon’s center of balance lies. If it’s far away from your hand, the weapon will feel a lot heavier than it actually is. Even an inch or two can make a huge difference, and keep in mind that an axe or mace is going to have almost all of its weight right at the head. Even 2-3lbs is going to feel like an anvil if it 3-4 feet out from you hand, as it probably would be with a two-hander.

My question is what would kind of niche would single-handing a two-hander even have? The whole point of a two-handed weapon is sacrificing the use of your offhand for more damage. If you make it usable in one hand at a damage penalty, how is it distinguishable from actual one-handed weapons?

My question is what would kind of niche would single-handing a two-hander even have? The whole point of a two-handed weapon is sacrificing the use of your offhand for more damage. If you make it usable in one hand at a damage penalty, how is it distinguishable from actual one-handed weapons?

2 handers are bigger!

That’s why I said it needs a lot of balancing, and I am pretty sure dual-wielding two-handers would be a class skill if it happens, or perhaps even an exclusive skill, where you have to make some more sacrifices by sticking to this one exclusive skill in order to dual-wield.

Oh, and now you guys are talking about fighting effectively in real life? I can see where the argument is coming from but I can’t agree with it being a reason to not allow dual-wielding 2-handers. Heck, it would even actually make sense that there’s penalty for dual-wielding 2-handers because it is indeed to fight effectively when dual-wielding 2 handers.

Like I said, if you break the game down, a lot of things is not reasonable in GD, if we are talking about real life combat physics. A powerful character with specialized training being able to dual-wielding 2-handers is a lot more possible than some of the other crazy stuff happening in GD.

It would probably be nigh impossible to balance. Sure you could have damage negation and whatnot but then you have other stats for 2handed weapons which would be insane to have. 2 weapons could provide +4 to all skills in one mastery and +2 for another.

Stats on 2h weapons are generally super high, modifications to skills would also be something that could be really powerful if dual wielding 2h weapons could occur.

Yep, it’s almost impossible to balance this in GD right now. There would be a lot of revamps needed. Like I said, the only thing I can see it being possible is to make it a class exclusive skill, where you will have to give up other exclusive skills. Probably all classes will need to have exclusive skills that boost different stats just to balance this. This will fulfill the roleplay aspect of the game where you can roleplay a mighty warrior that dual-wield 2-handers, but from the gameplay perspective, it might actually be redundant because at the end you would be weakening dual-wielding 2-handers and boosting other skills so much for balance reason that dual-wielding 2-handers lose its advantage.

I have repeatedly said that balancing is the only issue I can see. I just disagree with people who are saying this should not be implemented because it’s “unrealistic”.

Referring to my own post earlier on in the thread I don’t see any problem with dual wielding certain 2 handed items. It’s other items that I would worry about purely based on a aesthetic basis when it comes to the overly large items (2h maces/axes) which would then take GD to an Asian game style. For some people that aesthetic look would be fine - for me personally it would be a no.

Again Obelix dual wielding Menhirs is just silly.

It was JUST a suggestion, I am not Zantai, but this IS the suggestion forum here, so why flame?

I find that people can get overly emotional on the forums which can sometimes result in an impactful speech about their grandiose opinions and of course: why you are wrong.

Not using any example from this thread, just a general feature that comes along with forum use.

I used to dabble with the sarcastic replies or simply provide genuine information to rebuff certain remarks. Sarcasm is one thing, continuously replying with valid info can also get to one’s ego resulting in a cataclysm of monotonous rage.

Right now I simply enjoy writing overly convoluted responses for my own amusement. If people get offended I say one thing: Go for it! Express your annoyance with my posts in how frivolous they are! Be yourself! Yes!


Well now I just feel dumb for typing up an effortpost when the answer was so simple all along. :stuck_out_tongue:

If dw 2hand is implemented in gd, i wouldn’t mind. some characters and monsters in games is capable of doing that. the closest real world equivalent might be dual wielding short pikes? cmiiw.

however, gameplay balance must be the 1st priority. dw 2hand must be given exclusive gameplay effects and penalties (such as atrociously high physique requirements, greatly reduced offensive ability, very slow attack speed. and may be lowered defensive ability (you need massive effort to evade and block attacks)).

and the visual effect must also be different from dw 1hand animations. i imagine the animations will be swinging both 2 hand weapons simultaneously a lot or something. quite different from dw 1 hand animations, but still have some similarities.

try imagining how you can thrust 2 2hand giant swords.:rolleyes:

also, you can dw 2handed staffs in skyrim. and its pretty :cool:.

If you swing two heavy items at the same time you’ll fall over and/or rip your shoulders out of socket. You need to windmill those bad boys!

Ok… forget dual wielding 2H weapons.

What we need is…

Ok, I was skeptical on dual wielding giant weapons but a 2 sided weapon or nun-chuck weapon? Let me play it

Just saying…immense physique requirement was a GREAT addition to this idea by another poster here, not me, and it would make it ‘believable’ (like that matters so much in an RPG).
I didn’t give it that much thought, nor did I expect to see much interest in it. Still, would LOVE to see it…can I has it PLEEEEEASE??? :eek::cool::slight_smile: