To Crate Entertainment, Grim Dawn is the best video game ever made! Please make Grim Dawn 2!

To Crate Entertainment,

I can say without a doubt that Grim Dawn is the best video game I have ever played. I think it’s the best video game ever made!! Please please please make Grim Dawn 2!!

Thank you very much.


They will eventually, they’ve intentionally left plot lines open in the story and acknowledged them as such. But don’t expect Grim Dawn 2 for at least a couple years yet.

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Many of us whole-heartedly agree so we’re all throwing heaps of gimmegimmegimmes at the gurus at Crate to make them hurry up with Farthest Frontier so we can play that for four or five years and then get GD 2 out of them.

By that point we should have pushed @Zantai over the edge and he caves into…

Oh, who am I kidding. Zantai doesn’t cave in.

But I most certainly am looking forward to GD 2 when Crate feels the time is right.

well they left a big hint as to what it might be with the ending to forgotten gods as the The Taken has defeated the atherials and the black legion will only need to mop up any left overs. As for the hint it is given by a Dreeg seer as a Coming Darkness and Korvak as a Darkness that he needed to prepare for and that you have foolishly doomed the world to and there is the Heretic hidden dungeon as well. As for other things that might be in the Sequel the Cthonians as the main antagonists before you fight the Darkness.

the aetherial invader faction still hold most of erulan empire. most importantly the capital.
the chthonians and the bloodsworn are regrouping for now. but there are still a lot of them. and who knows what kind of new chthonians they can summon years after grim dawn.
the coming darkness is yugol. yugol sense the beacon of the night in cairn even if its just for a brief moment. as a result, it now accelerates its influence towards cairn to envelop it in nothingness more earlier than it should have. which is why we can encounter more of yugol’s monsters in cairn now.
i personally wonder how the children of cairn could take on these threat in the future. perhaps the 3 witchies will bless them with accelerated growth and wisdom.

i know that but i wanted to be vague, as for the capital they put a lot resources in Malmouth and with their plans with Malmouth foiled they have taken a massive blow.

We already have some storyline possibilities that Crate have mentioned:

12th July 2019 stream:

Any plans for the NPC found in the Fleshworks to make another appearance?

So his story is not going to finish with Forgotten Gods, his story is for things beyond. Which is more of a sequel.

19th April 2019 dev Stream:

gachibass_chechnya_kavkaz : Could you share with us what’s gonna be in the next expansion/GD 2 in terms of storyline/lore, at least a bit?
I’m not sure I should really talk about that because I’m not sure when or if it’s going to happen. I mean I can give you some ideas of threads we might pursue. For example there is the whole thing with the Emperor, the capital, with the Sun (son?), Ulgrim seems to be a special guy too. The Witch Gods seem to have gotten their way - what does that mean for the future of Cairn? What will happen to the future of Kymon’s Chosen? That Sigil?

1st March 2019 stream:

“Just in terms of the story to be perfectly honest I feel like to do the story justice at this point we need to do something much bigger than an expansion. And there’s all this stuff, those of you who are paying attention to the dialogue will know Ulgrim and the Emperor, there’s something going on there, the Emperor’s son, those are all big stories that would really need a lot of dedication to do them justice.”

Medierra’s also talked about why we won’t see a GD2 very soon in these threads:

Given the game Grim Dawn’s high rating, I think the developers will soon have the opportunity to make part 2 of this great game. After all, considering how the community speaks about this game, I’m sure that part 2 of Grim Dawn will be even better than the first part.

In 10 years, maybe.

Still no plans to share in public about the sequel?

Nope. Crate are focused on their other projects atm. Their town building game Farthest Frontier went into early access on Steam in August. They’re also working on a new generation of their game engine which we know will be used for their RTS game which will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era. Plus there’s a horror survival game being worked on too.

GD is already a horror survival game with all nerfs and meta changes, to be honest :grin:. But let us see that project too. FF is not the genre appealing to me unfortunately.

Well, this horror survival game we don’t know much about except Grava and Hyboreal are working on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your quick return, medea_fleecestealer.
Wow, that is literally news to me! I am hyped about the RTS project. Any info about their scope and vision on this? I really do hope they invest in the resource gathering which forms the backbone of the classic RTS genre like in the C&C and Starcraft, and better off they won’t go on the pseudo-RTT territories that pretend to be RTS, but can’t, lol.

There’s some info in this thread.