Toggle Edge Scrolling & Widescreen Support

As I type this on my extra monitor, my game is scrolling wildly to the edge of the map. Very annoying! Can you add a way to toggle the Mouse Edge Scrolling to Off??

And since I have a triple monitor setup, parts of the Main Menu and others appear off screen. I understand that cut-scenes and some graphics need to be designed for 4:3 or 16:9 resolutions. But they could also be adjusted to make sure the content is mostly visible to wider screen ratios.



Please Fix this! This is a pretty basic option. Edge Scrolling (Yes/No).

Anyone with dual monitors has got to be annoyed by this happening every time they go outside this game. Please, Please, ā€¦ with sugar on it??

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Iā€™m also on an extra. Please add an edge-scrolling toggle.


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