[Tool] GD-gettext Converter


Translating thousands of lines of text without any aid is very impractical in my opinion. There are many great translation applications with features like translation memory and a glossary that speed up and ensure consistency of translations, but the better ones don’t support raw text files very well, if at all.

As a solution, I made a little script to automatically convert the .txt files provided by Crate to a format called GNU gettext, which is widely supported. It also converts gettext back to those .txt files (with few limitations) so you can actually submit the translations.

How to get

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As of now, the project is a work in progress. That means it should work as intended but it may stop working at any time.

The project source code is hosted at https://gitlab.com/darkalemanbr/gdgettext and is currently the only way to obtain the program.

You have two options:

  1. Head to the project page and in the Repository section you can download the repo as a package in varying formats, like zip or tar.
  2. Use Git to clone the repo to your machine.

Once I implement the “update” functionality, I plan to release binary packages for Windows users. Until then, follow the instructions above.

The instructions to run the program can be found either on the project’s main page or in a file called README.md.

Further info.

Any questions about the project can be submitted in this thread, however, for bug reports, feature and change requests, use the Issues section in the project page. That makes it easier for me to keep track of it all.

Some applications that support GNU gettext are Poedit (https://poedit.net) and Lokalize (https://www.kde.org/applications/development/lokalize/). I recommend Lokalize if you can get your hands on it, since it’s much better than Poedit.