[Tool] GD Stash

There is some correlation between quests and factions (whether you side with the Order of Deaths Vigil or not). You cannot use reputation to undo / reverse that choice, that is it, nothing breaks.

You can always change your reputation a second time if you do not get the intended result.

yeah i understood that. I wanted to be sure i can edit faction before i unlock them with their respective quests. But that doesnt seem to be a problem ?

Anyone know why is my “crafting” tab is not showing my Stash ? my char editor and other tab show up fine

It is, it’s showing your transfer stash. If you have stuff in there and it’s not showing, import the database.

Ok got it working now, for some reason the program trying to pull my cloud save file and i didnt notice ty

Don’t use cloud saves, the programme doesn’t like them much. You have to be very careful using the programme if you do.

So since scrolling through this thread is hell and search didn`t turn up anything I hope someone here can tell me the following:

-Can I still play with others who don’t use GD stash when I use it?
-Is it possible to go back to before I used GD stash without losing anything I had before?
-If I deactivate clod saves, and later activate them again what exactly will happen to my characters? will they revert back to the point before I deactivated it?

I hope someone can answer those questions.

Stash is a tool so has no bearing on game play.

Not sure what you mean by go back to before you used the stash.

If you reactivate cloud saving, then back up the local saves first because it may well try and overwrite. If you have them backed up you can either revert to local saves again and put them back or possibly put the save folder into the Steam cloud save location.

This actually is not possible… at least in my own testing. You need to leave them in local saving and enable cloud, reboot the game - if a popup doesn’t appear at the main menu asking you to import the local saves into the cloud you then need to go to the Network tab, press the Delete Cloud Saves button and then exit the options back to the Main Menu and a popup will now appear asking you to import.

Simply placing the saves in Steam’s remote directory will not boot them into the cloud - if anyone knows an alternate method that does this I’d be happy to hear it.


not sure what that means, the tool stores items, you can put them back in your stash. It changes the stash and char save file, there is nothing to go back to.

was the 2nd question about turning cloud save back on ?

local and cloud chars are in different dirs, so you have to copy the local char back into the cloud if you turn cloud save back on, otherwise it is an old copy.

Never used the cloud, I assumed just copying the data over to the cloud save dir is enough, but powbam’s answer makes it sound more involved… not sure that is really necessary though, as GD Stash can change the savefile in the cloud dir and the changes are reflected when you play GD, so it does update the cloud data from the files stored on the HD, it’s just that sometime cloud save does not do this and instead resets the stash / char instead.
If you keep your local copy, you can copy it over a second time however, if this were to happen.

Dear mamba!

Sorry for asking if you answered earlier but when i stashing my items where is the physically route (folder/files) on my computer?

I would like to store ‘the whole ten yards’ in my NAS. :slight_smile: Is it feasible? :slight_smile:
(“portable” feature?)

Thank you!
Paranoid HC player :sweat_smile:

The data is in C:\users\username\GDStash

Meanwhile found it thanks, but as i mentioned in my original post i would like to move the whole thing to my NAS. Is it feasible? :slight_smile:

As a backup? Why wouldn’t it be feasible? If it exists on your computer there isn’t really anything stopping you from doing that. I would say to make sure it isn’t read/writing while the game is playing but otherwise have at it.

If you want to make it save directly to the NAS tho, I imagine you would have to utilize sym linking since the game expects the saves to be exactly where they are (my bad - was thinking of GD’s save location - in this case we are referring to GD Stashes backup location - I imagine the same principle holds here too).


I have no idea if sym-linking is “safe” to do with a NAS tho.

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Any chance of the attribute requirement reduction stat being added to the item search filters? I want to see how much of it I can stack in a mod but I’ll go insane trying to do so by hand.

This is not a single stat but maybe 5 different ones (strength for armor, dexterity for weapons, intelligence for jewelry, …), which I always found overkill to add

Honestly I’d be okay with them being smashed together for the search and just looking through the list by hand (to find the specific type I want), it’s not a very common stat on items anyways so it wouldn’t be too bad to do that.


Is it normal for GD stash to not show classes involving expansions?
there also seems to be some items that are level 0 but when once transfered to the stash, it actually is level 40+.

I was using GD stash with the base game, then just got AoM yesterday.

You need to import the data again when you add an expansion (or update to a new GD version)

Sorry I’m not very good with the program, where do I do that? Is it on the Im/Export tab?