[Tool] GD Stash

So i download this tool so i can craft the damn lokarr amulet i sold who knows how many months ago when i played, took me forever to figure that out. But when i go in game to my shared stash nothing shows up and i have 1 tab again. When i go to the tool shared stash nothing shows up but when i load the directory in the import/export section all my shit shows up.

Someone get me out of this fucking nightmare and tell me how to get my shit back in this shared stash, ive wasted 2 hours of my life doing something that should have taken 5 minutes.

Sounds like you might have toggled Cloud Save, either on or off.

We really need more info on what you did.

If you are using Cloud Save, don’t use the tool while the game is running.

When using the tool, be sure you’ve reloaded the stash if you’ve played the game while using the tool. The tool needs to get the updated state of your stash. Only use the tool while playing GD without Cloud Save enabled. Don’t us GD Stash if you are interacting with your stash in game.

Read The Fine Manual ( RTFM )
Make backups of save files prior to using any tool.

sounds like you either are looking at two separate dirs or at least at different shared stashes (SC vs HC, mod vs vanilla). Im/Export reads all stashes, while Transfer obviously shows a single one. So if Im/Export sees it and it is not in the stash you see on the Transfer page, select a different stash.

I honestly have no clue what im looking at anymore. I turned cloud save off for this and made a local file so it saves without the cloud. I never found out how to get my shared stash into the tools shared stash in the first place :/. just wanted to craft the amulet and be done after that.

Where did you turn Cloud Save off at, in the Steam client or in GD?

It seems if you want your stuff back, re-enable cloud save wherever you disabled it.

Check out How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn’s default location.

I’m not sure about the GoG edition, where it saves its cloud saves on the client.

Local and cloud saves are in different dirs. Which save dir did you specify in GD Stash ?

Your shared stash (SC) should be shown in the tool by default, above it is a drop down list from which to select other stashes.

Did you just turn cloud save off or also copy your cloud saves into the local dir ?

i turned grim dawn cloud save off, left steam cloud save on, i copied my cloud save into the local save file and specified this file in the gd stash in my games\grim dawn\save

I have no idea which dir GD uses when you turn of cloud save in the game but not in Steam. Turn it off in both or on in both.

Assuming you use local saves, the save dir is My Games\Grim Dawn\save, otherwise it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata<folder of numbers>\219990\remote\save

When you open the tool, you should already see a / your stash on the transfer page. If it is not the correct stash, select another one from the drop-down list above the stash.

When changing the stash while using local saves, make sure you do not have the stash open in game. When using cloud save, make sure GD is not running.

i have a problem with gd stash.
i wanted to copy the shared stash from main to custom (expanded stash mod) and it worked, but my player gets reset every time i quit the game, even when gd stash is closed.

Not sure what you mean by your player gets reset. Your char loses the progress you made ? Your char is back at level 1 like a freshly started one ?

This should be unrelated to the stash, as these are different files. Did you change your char with the tool ? If so, what did you change ?
GD Stash also does not interfere with the game in any way, it ‘only’ changes its save files, so having GD Stash open or not makes no difference.

A vanilla char cannot be in a mod and a mod-char cannot be in vanilla GD (except with some tricks). Did you try to create a mod-char from a vanilla one, like you did for the stash ? If so, how did you try to do that ?

Hi there, mamba. Nice work you did here.

Any ways of mass component crafting soon? I lost my save game but it would take a lot of time clicking to recover all the components I lost.

Thanks for your attention.

Yes, just search for Components inthe Crafting section, choose one you want and then where it says Count put in the number you want, then put the component in the stash.

Thanks. I didnt realise that, sorry.

Having an issue with errors while trying to import my save file. Picture attached below.

No idea what these mean or how to fix them.

Read them more closely, see the info messages, see the documentation and the FAQ…

Use 64bit Java if you can, else edit the .bat file so its path to java.exe fits where your system and then use the .bat to start the tool.

I did install a 64 bit Java version, so I dont know why that info is coming up. But how do I go about changing the path for Java in the .bat file?

Dont know jack about code or how it works, so im pretty useless with these thing.

I did install a 64 bit Java version, so I dont know why that info is coming up. But how do I go about changing the path for Java in the .bat file?

Dont know jack about code or how it works, so im pretty useless with these thing.

nvm thanks

Love this program, it is a must for Grim Dawn! Quick question, if anyone could spare the time.

Just built a new gaming rig (first time in 20 years, lots changed since pentium 2!), and I was wondering how to transfer the database I built up on my laptop from Grim Stash to the new desktop.

Copy over C:\Users<username>\GDStash