[Tool] GDAutocaster - play 🎹 builds with ease, autocasting of skills, combos, faster / automatic camera, autohiding of items, centered Inquisitor Seal and more for all games!

Sure, I could do that in Update 4 (I also need to make master_toggle, master_hold and suspend_hotkeys be able to be the same button because I just needed it today when I was shopping)

I’ve incorporated manual camera rotation because I’m using it myself but I was thinking about automatic as well because, although not as optimal as manual camera rotation for crucible for example, it’s very fun to play with and pleasant to look at everything slowly rotating according to where you’re going. It’s super chilling.

I need to rewrite it though from the ground up to use Timers (because now it works when you’re holding Left Click in a While Loop and I don’t write like that anymore) and think how to incorporate it nicely into the program. Also it’s needs to have a lot of configuration options like

  • the angle of the segment around 12 o’clock where there’s no camera rotation
  • inner region size where there’s no rotation
  • the shape of the inner region (circular, rectangle, maybe even eliptic)
  • also I need to implement reading the user’s resolution and expressing all those sizes in % instead of pixel so that it’s invariant to changing the resolution

@klasperstanze for example likes only to have automatic rotation at the edges of the screen, I prefer it more aggressive, present almost everywhere except small inner circle around the character and small segment near 12 o’clock

Also before all this I think I need to figure out and implement a scalable mechanism that would enable all hotkeys be the same key because I think it’s limiting me a bit right now.

For example something like hotkeys having a list of functions that they trigger instead of being bound to one function. I’ve already got anxiety thinking of all this :wink:


mate, thank you very much for putting so much time and effort into this!

I like it very much. I can play my build a lot easier thanks to your program!

The camera thing annoys me very much in this game. I hate using the scroll button and using any keys for that is also very annoying. It would be really neat if you’d manage to do it! If it’s not very difficult, having the camera point not exactly the way your character is looking, but at an angle would be really useful, to be able to set the best snipe angle :slight_smile:.

As far as automatic camera is concerned, I can only do it like this

(at this exact speed, changing it is impossible, rotation based on where you’re cursor is at)

And here’s super fast manual camera rotation I use

Check out how I’m snipping those mobs

I cannot really know where’s your character’s is looking, I only detect the cursor position
(when you’re holding Left Click in the base version but that’ll be configurable)


And I like it sooo much! I don´t play any script without this feature anymore.
By putting the rotation area to the edges of the screen, it´s not really an automated camera rotation anymore. The view remains constant (perfect for people who´ll get sea sick otherwise) and will only rotate once you reach the edges of the screen. It´s a feeling like the automatic-scrolling in a pdf viewer for example. Very convenient.


where can i get this to try it?

I made .exe for you to try out since you’re so impatient :wink:
You need to set the following in GD Keybinding
b - rotate left
n - rotate right
This is version that works near the character as well
camera rotates when you’re holding Left Click.

Here’s the original post with if you’d like to change something (you would need to install AutoHotkey for that so that the scripts would work after you clicked them)


If the edge-version is of interest: I got an exe here with values for 1900 x … (16:9) resolution.

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thanks, but my PC can’t handle such resolutions :frowning:

Had some issue with manual camera rotation for the 1st time. The cursor moved so slowly that it could be visible on the screen. Normally it moves so fast people don’t even know the rotation is done by just by dragging the cursor and rotating the screen. Restarting the program fixed the issue.

I’m planning to include the “casting skill on the character/in the center of the screen” since we already have that in the case of Inquisitor Skill and it more or less suits the program (every [k] section could have the option cast_on_character=true ore something like that)

maybe with enough development klasperstanze could use the program so that I have more testers :grava_yes:


I don’t know why, but your tool isn’t working for me. When i run it, it shows on my tray bar with “Suspend Hotkeys” turned on. I cannot switch it off.

You cannot make the keys not be suspended outside of the game. That’s intended.
Cannot you turn it on in-game as well?
Please share the config file you’re using

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@tqFan here it is. :slight_smile:
game=Grim Dawn


[hiding items]


skill=Blood of Dreeg

So you cannot turn it on in-game as well?
Do you play Full Screen, Windowed, Borderless Windowed? (maybe it has something to do with it)

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I play only on full screen. But i play GD through GI.

Same as me. I’m testing the program with your config right now.

In the meantime try can pressing ` once to unlock it although if it’s needed at the start it’s not good.

And also best to test it with 2000 ms on Blood of Dreeg because 15 seconds can be hard to see whether the program’s working correctly or not.

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I’ve added this
to my config.
My GD is GoG version. And i have Windowns 8. :slight_smile:

Well the program worked for me. Please do the following

  1. Change the Blood of Dreeg from 15000 to 1000 for now
skill=Blood of Dreeg

so that you can better see if everything’s working now.

  1. Make sure to save the config file
  2. Turn of the program again
  3. Turn on the game or maximize it
  4. Wait a few seonds, press ‘9’ too see if Blood of Dreeg is cast when it’s not on cooldown (every 15 seconds or so)

Btw I think you should keep 1000 Blood of Dreeg delay not 15000

The reason is that for example after 15 seconds it can still be on cooldown and as a consequence you may need to wait like 30 seconds for it to be cast. If the delay is set to 1000 ms, the Blood of Dreeg is going to be cast as often as possible which is good imo. Especially for testing but for general gameplay too I think.

[edit] I forgot the step “turn on the program again”

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Btw in the next update there will be an option of having function keys F1 - F12 be sent instead of 0 - 9.


This way there won’t be a need to suspend toggles/holds when you’d like to search for something in stash or when shopping.

It will be turned off by default because it may cause some problems like making screenshots in Steam or turning on Grim Internal Configurator


I think I’m going to do something like this

[reset timers and spam skills when hold]

skill=Wendigo Totem

What the 1st section is going to add is that after you hold Shift the totem’s timer is going to be reset and this skill spammed immediately for the duration of 2 seconds.

What is it for - to cast a skill immediately when you hold a key even if it has a very long delay like Wendigo Totem. Normally I have a 100 delay and this way skills is spammed immediately but I’d like the totem to be spammed every 15 seconds not every 5 seconds when I’m fighting the same enemy and holding Shift for 15 seconds.

Why not just force one press naturally and then carry on with 15 second delay after you press and hold Shift. Well, in Grim Dawn pressing a button once doesn’t give you 100% guarantee the skill is cast. A Wendigo Totem is a skill you want to be cast with 100% chance otherwise you may get killed. The only way to guarantee this is to spam a skill for a short period of time but obviously shorter than the skill 5s cooldown.

This way we can have 100% guarantee (I already had something like this in my previous program) that a Wendigo Totem is spammed exactly once for every mob pack immediately with 100% chance and not more often than every 15 seconds unless moving between mob packs.

Of course, all of this achieved with the same button you use for other skills (I like to play with LMB + Shift only + occasional Space for movement skill out of rotation, health, energy potions, camera etc)

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Also one more thing that I think needs to be done if the program is to be developed further.
Hotkeys being able to store multiple functions bound to them and execute them one by one.
I’ve already had “hiding stuff on the ground” Shift hotkey but I’d like another hotkey on Shift and that’s impossible.

The simplest solution would be Hotkeys dictionary working more or less as follows (pseudo code):


And then when user presses Shift all these 3 things happen one at a time and there are no hotkey limitations in the program:

   for function in Hotkeys["Shift"]

Shift hotkey created dynamically when first function is added to Hotkeys[“Shift”] list in Hotkeys dictionary.

Yeah, lots of rewriting needed and v4 release gonna takes some time but really worth waiting since it will have much more options to create your perfect fight rotation and logic and far less limitations in regards to keybindings/configuration.