[Tool] GDAutocaster - play 🎹 builds with ease, autocasting of skills, combos, faster / automatic camera, autohiding of items, centered Inquisitor Seal and more for all games!

  • when you start .exe for the first time it sometimes does not work until 2 x Suspend
    (I tried million ways, even the simplest method from short scripts - none has 100% reliability (working right out of the gate) however in the current form you can at least press Suspend 2 times and it will work in those cases, you don’t need to i.e. restart the .exe as it is sometimes the case with simple basic code)

  • also I wrote the program so that it remembers if you have it toggled off but I think I may have later broken because I think it sometimes works after reactivating the window despite toggling it off earlier

I added a new feature - spam various skills after double press and hold
(don’t mistake it with an existing feature that holds one button when you hold another - used to have i.e. Aether Ray on LMB)

It’s an extension of Periodic Cast spam. Let me give you an example how I use it with my current character.
[Periodic Cast is about turbocasting multiple spells when you hold a button - it’s the most important feature of GDAutocaster]

When I press and hold RMB skills 6, 3, 2 are spammed every 100 ms (standard Periodic Casts spam)
but when I double press and hold RMB, then 6, 3, 2, 4 because cast2 activates as well then.

[periodic casts]



In-game 4 is Mark of Torment:

  • when I fight trash monsters I just single press and hold RMB - 6, 3, 2 are spammed

  • when I fight herois monsters / bosses I double press and hold RMB - 4 (MoT) is spammed in addition to skills above

Of course this new feature can be used to spam multiple skills on double Left Click + Hold
while still having Movement on Left Click and no skill bound to it in-game.

It seriously opens a way for many 1-button builds :wink:
as you can have movement on Left Click and as many skills as you want on it .

Added Clicker for clicking something on the screen by pressing a button.
I use it not to have to drag the cursor to the quest lists and be able to just press a button to show/hide it.

One thing about Shift
I’ve read before someone had problem with it (blocking).

I’ve always had problems with Shift stucking or stopped being held even if you never released it.
I think it’s just a thing with this particular button, maybe not even AutoHotkey related.

Added double press option to Combos

[combo presses]

Potential usage:

  1. You have your normal spam attack on RMB - you press it double time and then one-time combo of debuffs is activated

  2. I have some spam spells while I hold RMB (periodic cast feature)
    Now I added Pet Attack for Guardians when I double press RMB
    (periodic cast would work well for it because it would spam Pet Attack on double press
    whereas you’d rather to steer your pets just one-time I think)

  3. Just as with double press option for Periodic Cast
    you can bind Movement sklil to Double Left Click

Here’s an example I use in my character Flame Keeper of the Blaze - my results | 7-8s MQ | Crucible ready

of combining 4 features in just a Space button (5 skills)

  1. Periodic Cast (Autocast while holding a button) of Blazing Corruption with 3s recharge from Relic
    spammed all the time (0) while holding Space, animation is so fast with max AS it doesn’t interrupt anything

  2. first is Centered Cast Inquisitor Seal (5)

  3. after that Combo Press FlashBang (8) + Thermite Mine (9)
    200 ms delay needed so that it doesn’t interrupt Inquisitor Seal semi-centered cast

  4. after all of that a button for Fire Strike (1) is pressed down and hold
    500 ms delay needed so that it doesn’t interrupt stuff above, Periodic Cast Fire Strike spam can be used with the same effect

[periodic casts]

[combo holds]

[combo presses]

[center casts]

This is an example of the most advanced and powerful usage of the program.
Combining multiple behaviors and buttons into one buttons with different timing and chosen order.

Hi, can you program your middle mouse button in the script? I know Rbutton = RMB but I’ve cleared the rotate screen keybinding in game from the scroll wheel click (MMB) and I want to use it for some autocasting.

What would be the designation for MMB when scripting? Mbutton?

Thanks for the awesome tool! I’m still customising things and learning how they work (and retraining my muscle memory) but it seems really awesome.

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Thanks. Yes, MButton is correct. Here’s a full list of acronyms: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

I don’t even use Middle Mouse Button because I’m to lazy to move my fingers from LMB and RMB.
I either use keyboard button or i.e. double mouse press.

For example here skills 6, 3, 2 are spammed when I hold RMB (6, 3, 2 pressed in that order together [although i.e. 6 will usually take priority over i.e. 3 and its animation will go first] every 200 ms because it’s the default delay in the up-to-date version) but after I double click RMB and hold 4 is spammed as well, in addition to 6, 3, 2.

In-game it was Mark of Torment I think which I don’t want to be spammed on every enemy, just on the dangerous ones.
[it’s good to have it spammed not pressed once because you can then activate it by double click on the ground and then hovering over an enemy - which means you don’t need to target precisely while activating the skill]

[periodic casts]

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how would i go about coding what i need for this build? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl64KbN

It can be played with very few buttons, for example

  • one button pressed cast Flashbang / Thermites, then starts EoR spinning and also casting Ascension all the time

  • one button for all the permabuffs

  • one button for movement skills

I don’t want to write the whole config at the moment because I feel there’s a high probability of you changing the build / your mind if you want to use the program (no point of me writing configs for you if you never actually run the program).

For now here’s a combo for casting all the permabuffs that are on the 2nd hotbar



[combo presses]

q - key chosen for executing the combo for permabuffs, can be changed
t - key chosen for switching to another hotbar, need to be set in Grim Dawn keybindings, can be changed
1 - Summon Guardian - cast multiple times
2 - 5 - other permabuffs from the build

If you run the program and this combo successfully (you can ask if something doesn’t work / you don’t understand something) then we can add more stuff.

Download the program from here

This is the build i will be running…i love spin to win builds and found one that is amazing and to my play style so full config would be great!

[EDIT - I didn’t have the actual latest version from Github, just a version linked in the OP. Still seems flaky, but will try to figure it out.]

I’m trying to use a minor variation on this (my .ini is below) with a build that appears to be very similar
to what you have in this post, but it isn’t working.

The very last part [6], that is just the toggle key works, so I can tell the program is working; however, nothing else seems to work at all.

My key binds remap lots of keys, but I’ve made 1-0 the secondary set of hotkeys. I’ve tried many different variations deleting pieces, etc. I just got the program today, so it should be the latest version.

Any idea what could be wrong or what I should try to debug?



[combo presses]


[periodic casts]



Please download and test the latest version from GitHub: https://github.com/kowariantny/GDAutocaster/raw/master/GDAutocaster.exe
also delete the older version so that we’re sure it’s not running in the background as well
(multiple instances of different .exe’s running simultaneously is possible)
so that there’s no confusion. I constantly improve the program to work better. I don’t support older versions
(I’m stupid, why do I even have a link to older ones, I’ll delete them).

I recommend you to post GrimTools to your build as well. I will be then able to imagine how you play better.
I’ll probably be able to make you the most optimal config since I have so much experience with the program
(with the buttons / playstyle of your choice of course)

The problem was that I’d downloaded the version linked directly from the OP. After my post above, I got the newest version from Github and now it works. I did have to make one minor changes to get it all to work (Having 0 as the first key in combo1 was making it go off twice immediately, but switching the order fixed it).

My build is essentially the same as Conjuror of the Dark Arts by mad_lee, but how I have my hotbar set up is different.

On easy stuff, I mostly just use the Bloody Pox, Plague of Corruption, Curse of Frailty, and Devouring Swarm. When bosses show up or things get more dicey, I add in the totems and Sigil of Consumption. Blood of Dreeg is kept up and pressed as needed otherwise. It’s pretty easy to play, but makes my fingers tired, hence, GDAutocaster to the rescue.

I do think getting rid of links to older versions is a very good idea, or at least make sure they are marked as old/deprecated.

Done :wink: I’ll look at the build and write quickly how I would do it (maybe it will be similar to yours, we’ll see)
I’ll show you some neat tricks

I see now that you also echo the key pressed, so I since v was both setting off the combo and was mapped the same as 0 in the game, I was essentially pressing 0 and the combo was pressing 0. I just needed to change the combo to a different key.

You already posted how you’d do it! (See here)

It is what I based my version on. I mostly only changed the keys since my hotbar is laid out differently and separated the totems onto their own key.

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Okay, I did find a problem. Spamming the curses (rbutton) makes them go off so fast it drains my energy. I’d like them to go off fast when I press the key at first, but then less quickly when I hold the button or at least have a delay between groups of them. I can do it my self by just pressing and releasing rbutton every few seconds, but it would be neat to be able to just hold it down too. :slight_smile:

You mean the following combo? It goes only once


The stuff below is Storm Totem / Sigil etc I suppose

[periodic casts]

Yup. I was exacerbating the problem, by again having a power on rbutton (Devouring Swarm).

Holding f and rbutton is pretty draining, but not a realistic scenario, I think. What I was doing was trying stuff out on a training dummy. I’m going to have to try this out on some real enemies to see how it plays for real.