[Tool] GDHacker - {Tribute, Exp} Freeze / Game Speed / DPS window toggle from within the game

GDHacker - a command line tool with various features GDHacker on GitHub
                        meant to be executed from withing the game using GDAutocaster

  • currently has 3 functions mentioned in the title and works only for 64bit Grim Dawn

  • more features and 32bit planned to be added according to requests / my capabilities

  • meant to provide for comfortable usage for some features found already in Grim Internals / GDStash

Game Speed toggle

I remember people asking for this feature in Grim Internals thread.
  • unlike GI, it allows to change speed in Main Menu as well

Tribute Freeze (automatic)

Can be made automated fully if you
  • add GDAutocaster to autostart
  • run it with command line arguments that skip config selection dialog

How to make Freeze Tributes shortcut
How to make it fully automatic

GDAutocaster runs in the background and freezes Tributes a few seconds after it detects that game’s window is active.

Exp Freeze

DPS / Stats Window


  • download GDHacker and GDAutocaster and put them in the same folder

    • or not because there’s a config entry to change GDHacker’s path
  • create .ini config file with contents similar to this
    hacker.ini.txt (74 Bytes) [.txt needs to be removed for GDAutocaster to see the config]

  • speeds is a list of game speeds the program toggles over (floats such as 1.5 are allowed)

  • speed_toggle is a button responsible for toggling the speed (Key List)

  • freeze_tributes option will make GDAutocaster freeze Tributes with the help of GDHacker
    (whether you run Grim Dawn or GDAutocaster first doesn’t matter as it detects the game automatically)

  • pressing stats_toggle button shows/hides DPS/Stats Window

  • of course you can skip some features, the config above just contains them all

  • run GDAutocaster, read the config with it

    • you can skip config selection dialog with appropriate command line arguments

    GDAutocaster.exe config.ini (reads config.ini and skips file selection dialog)

  • everything is now ready, just remember to wait a few seconds after getting in-game before doing anything because the program is restarted after 3 seconds the game’s window becomes active (and automatically rereads the config that you might have changed)

  • for some reason I don’t need to run GDAutocaster / GDHacker as Admin but maybe you will

  • How to make Freeze Tributes shortcut

  • How to make it fully automatic

  • GDAutocaster is a lightweight AutoHotkey program that can be left running between launches as its AHK features are disabled outside Grim Dawn

    • can be configured to exit automatically after turning off the game
    • or to skip config selection dialog and get config’s name as command line arguments (see documentation)

GDHacker itself now accepts

  • 0 as first command line argument (Game Speed) and then float game speed multiplier

  • 1 as first command line argument (Freeze Tributes)

  • 2 as first command line argument (Stat Window) and then 0/1 for off/on

  • 3 as first command line argument (Freeze Exp) and then 0/1 for off/on

  • you can create a shortcut to it with such arguments

>> GDHacker.exe 0 2.5
>> GDHacker.exe 1
>> GDHacker.exe 2 1
>> GDHacker.exe 2 0
>> GDHacker.exe 3 1
>> GDHacker.exe 3 0

Planned features
Here are some ideas for new features that maybe could be implemented:

  • UI trainer-like overlay
  • Auto pick-up all items
  • UI Hide
  • God Mode
  • Invisibility
  • Infinite Energy
  • some sort of teleport
  • time of the day
  • Mutators


  • please have your saves and characters backed up because I’m novice at this
    and have been learning from YT tutorials 'for dummies’

  • If you notice some hack not working, better ALT + F4 (kills the game without saving) from the game and not use GDHacker so that your save file is not modified incorrectly due to some unknown process change
    (it’s probably very unlikely though)

  • I’d grateful to anyone that can test it because I’m not 100% sure it will work for others

  • also everyone is encouraged to look in the code for errors


Added automatic Tribute Freeze (see the video above):

  • GDAutocaster can be configured to freeze Tributes counter whenever it detects that you’re in-game
    if you run it with the following config
  • can be set up to start with Windows automatically and freeze Tributes without user’s interaction

More info in the OP (yes, I know it’s not far from here).

How to make it fully automatic
( Windows 8.1 if it matters )

  1. Make a shortcut to GDAutocaster in the following folder

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  1. Add a command line argument to the shortcut containing
  • config file name if it’s in the same folder as GDAutocaster
  • or relative (to the program) path to the config (this is the case here)

hacker.ini.txt (32 Bytes) - .txt needs to be removed or you need to create the config file on your own:

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How to make Freeze Tributes shortcut

  1. Create shortcut to GDHacker.exe:
  • you can then move it somewhere else, on Desktop for example


  1. Rename the shortcut to Freeze Tributes


  1. Make the shortcut run GDHacker.exe with 1 command line argument:


  1. Run the game, minimize and run the Freeze Tributes shortcut to have Tributes frozen for this launch of the game.

To not have to minimize the game / automate it more, you need to use GDAutocaster.

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Hey tqFan!
Speaking of CE, is it possible to choose mutators from dangerous domains to our advantage? :thinking:

At least in Crucible it’s much easier to modify lua script in Scripts.arc from what I’ve researched. Cannot check it at the moment but maybe it’s the same for the rest of the game. I can look into it in a few days

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No rush fam! Enjoy & have a happy holidays! :evergreen_tree: :gift: :cookie: :beers:

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So far I don’t know if and how you could do it with Cheat Engine. Tried digging in files but just unpacking the archives is pain in the ass for me (I overwrote database.arz by accident) so until I have more experience in modding I cannot quickly have a look. You would have to ask more knowledgeable people how to mod mutators outside Crucible :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry for the trouble that you went through tqFan. No worries. Thanks again :pray:t4:

Added Freeze Experience feature:

Changing Game Speed still works in but DPS window Toggle freezes the game.
I’m must now check what features work and correct them if needed.

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  • Freeze Tributes
  • DPS Window Toggle
  • Freeze Exp

(Game Speed Toggle worked)

PS Don’t be dumb like me and if you make a Cheat Engine hack,
note how you do it. I needed to rediscover them from the beginning :frowning:


So, finally you went into modifying stuff in memory. Nice one.

Not sure how you calculate / get the DPS info. It would be cool to configure the timeframe you measure dps and calculate the median for. A DPS value for current moment is less usefull (at it still is in GI afaik)

What method/Tool (besides CE) did you use to find the proper pointers/adresses`?

I don’t feel that I’ll go any further though. Not without some serious learning…

This is not the current moment but 10s average. I cannot configure it because I only unlock it.

Only CE.

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Hi there tqFan!

Any idea on how to disable the proc/curse from this belt?

you could use Crates modding tools to disable the Granted Skill and then rewrite it back into the main gamefiles (instead of creating a mod). Or use the modding framework someone recently released in the forum.


How? I have 0 experience in modding but point me to the right direction, I might pull it off.

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Just for the sake of correctness: the shown dps is the average over 5s, not 10s. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I would also say that every GD installation contains a pdf guide on using the mod tools and I would certainly recommend that anyone new and interested in learning to start with it.