[Tool] Grim Dawn Item Assistant

Dumb question, but first some context:

I’ve had Malmouth DLC for a while and depositing/withdrawing from GDIA works fine. A friend bought the base game only, but I can’t join their online multiplayer session without first uninstalling Malmouth so that we have the same DLC “active”. That’s fine, just Steam > Manage my DLC > disable Ashes of Malmouth (effectively uninstalling the DLC), and we can play online just fine.

Anyways, we play a while, I find a few low level blue gear that I want to deposit into my GDIA. Stick the items into the transfer stash as usual – Nothing. Eh, maybe it bugged out since base game only has 4 stashes instead of 5, let me try the other tab. Nope. That doesn’t work either. I try manually setting deposit tab to stash 4 and withdraw tab to stash 3 in the GDIA advanced options menu and restarting GD and GDIA. That doesn’t work either. OK, let me just reinstall Malmouth DLC, oh and now the stash works flawlessly again, except obviously the blue gear from base game didn’t transfer over to Malmouth to deposit. Let me uninstall Malmouth DLC to access the “base game” inventory with the blue gear I wanted to deposit. Back to not working again because Malmouth is uninstalled.

I don’t know, perhaps I’m missing something blatantly obvious. To those who uninstall/reinstall DLC to play online multiplayer with people with different DLC, do you have issues depositing/withdrawing items from GDIA when installing/uninstalling DLC?

Uh, idiot, did you even read the GDIA FAQ?

This issue isn’t covered by the “IA isn’t looting any items” answer, and running it in Admin mode (with Malmouth uninstalled) doesn’t change behavior.

Uh, idiot, did you even see the “Settings: What is transfer to any mod?” question?

Yes, and I’ve played with that option (Transfer to any mod) enabled/disabled and restarted GDIA + GD in between and that doesn’t change behavior. AFAIK, that setting only seems to let you withdraw GDIA stored items out regardless of the DLC you have installed. Doesn’t seem to change whether it will attempt to “loot” or deposit it into GDIA.

Well, then did you at least look at the GDIA logs?

Yes, and they didn’t seem to indicate that any attempt was made to loot any items, the GDIA window does correctly indicate whether stash tab is opened or closed, but logs don’t seem to indicate that GDIA attempted to deposit the items into the GDIA database.

Base game logs:

[03/12 21:51:33] DEBUG Closed stash
[03/12 21:51:33] DEBUG Closed stash
[03/12 21:51:40] DEBUG Private Stash opened
[03/12 21:51:40] DEBUG Private Stash opened
[03/12 21:51:43] DEBUG Closed stash
[03/12 21:51:43] DEBUG Closed stash
[03/12 21:51:45] DEBUG Private Stash opened
[03/12 21:51:45] DEBUG Private Stash opened

Compared to with Ashes of Malmouth installed:

[03/12 22:00:12] DEBUG Private Stash opened
[03/12 22:00:15] DEBUG Private Stash opened
... (extra junk)
[03/12 22:00:22] DEBUG Closed stash
[03/12 22:00:22] DEBUG Closed stash
[03/12 22:00:22] INFO Delaying stash loot, too close to stash. (0m away, minimum is 15m)
... (extra junk)
[03/12 22:00:24] INFO Feedback Looted 1 items from stash 5

As far as I can tell, GDIA is only looking at the stash files for the Malmouth DLC, not the stash files for base game, which AFAIK are kept separate.

Well, uhh… Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling GDIA?

Yes, and even deleted the Program Files/EvilSoft folder after uninstalling so any leftover install files weren’t lingering in the install directory. That didn’t change the behavior I saw.

Disable “transfer to any mod” under settings.

You could just ignore it.

Assuming you have VC++ 2010 SP1 redistributeable dlls installed, it won’t be needed. It’s not a part of IA itself.

Known issue (well I know there IS an issue with disabling DLCs/expansions, not seen this exact issue…)

I’ll try to prioritize it.

not only vc++ after i ignore there’s more fille error with same problem i’ve ignored all the fille and at the end of the instalation it’s teling me “error missing files”.

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You do it like this

there are some screenshots towards the end of the thread if you need some visual help.

Is it possible to list items by set completion? I mean if i have 4 out of 5 set items, they would list at top. That would really help to decide what kind of new character to develop :blush:

I’m having an issue with the item icons not showing in IA. Just shows a broken link icon for every item. I tried the fix in the FAQ to load database with grim dawn closed but that didn’t work.

I have not played the game for couple of months, started today, updated the game and IA. now all of my items in IA got duplicated… anyway to fix this?

Hi, I re-installed my PC today and have got to the point of re-registration to my e-mail account. Although I received the e-mail with a code on entry it claimed it was invalid. Now it errors with too many attempts.

To clarify i tried several times, pasting via notepad and checking there were no hidden chars that might cause the issue …

Please help …

no one seems to know what is my problem so :confused:

I am also having this issue. Anyone have a fix for it, or know what is going on?

As much as I would love to use GDIA, I can’t seem to make it work with my current setup.

It keeps telling me that it can’t locate the install location, and keeps writing logs trying to locate it.
Launching the game made the tool load the items, but still keeps spitting out the same message

"Could not find the Grim Dawn install location"

I tried looking for some .config or .json file in the IA installation directory to see if I could somewhat force the grim dawn location, but no luck.

Oh, and yes, GD Stash works like a charm - no issue whatsoever.

Gave up on GDIA. Reported a problem, was basically told to go pound sand. GD-Stash works just fine, thank you…

That’s a BIG misrepresentation but if you feel better, good to know. I’ve been using IA for over a year now. Through various game upgrades and such, never had a problem.

Add to that folks seem to be very helpful on this site in trying to track down problems when I’ve seen them pop up I guess my experience and yours will just have to cancel each other out.

That’s a BIG misrepresentation but if you feel better, good to know. I’ve been using IA for over a year now. Through various game upgrades and such, never had a problem.

Add to that folks seem to be very helpful on this site in trying to track down problems when I’ve seen them pop up I guess my experience and yours will just have to cancel each other out.

You can look back through this thread and see what I reported and the answer I got. Speaks for itself. I used GDIA for YEARS up until this last version. Yes, the people on this site ARE helpful- but the developer told me basically that my issue was of no importance. So I started using something else. Ya’ll have a good life.

I believe that was the response. I use grim internals. All the time. I have no problems running it with item assistant. I’m going to speculate that most people using both have no problems with it.

So, that would make it a lower priority to fix. Note the reply wasn’t “won’t fix” it was it “won’t be a priority.”. Again because it doesn’t seem to be affecting a lot out of people.

So, in other words, you’re telling me the same thing, Most people aren’t having this problem, so it’s unimportant. IOW, Go Pound Sand. Thanks for clearing that up.

The most unhelpful thing a person can hear in a support forum is, “Well, it’s working correctly FOR ME”…

Again I’ll reiterate. Low priority does NOT, and i repeat, does NOT mean it is unimportant or won’t receive attention. It means “low priority”.

But kicking and screaming about it always works to change the meaning.

moving on now.

update on this topic - I managed to find the configuration file (was inside an AppData folder), the path to Grim Dawn exe file is correct, but I keep having the same mesasge :frowning: