[Tool] Grim Internals

Seems I wasn’t clear enough. Do you all understand now? If not, I can always delete more posts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a link for grim internals for game version

I just can`t update my game any further.

Why can’t you update the game?

As it was stated before, pirated version of the game are not supported
Please buy the game :smiley:

Version said its not compatible. So did

May be i need,,,, And so on?

@Darkstalix, why do you think i have pirated version? I was wondering few days where all my save games are, and they are on steam, but cant find them. I want to reinstall my windows but before i want to be sure where to find them. Havent tested yet, but unticking cloud saving it asks to reload the game. So maybe i load steam save and untick that option and then save the game and it saves locally. Otherwise, i`ll lose 11 characters.

p.s. As i`m new here is there a thread for short questions? Like “will Aegis proc Bat? Is it 20% chance multiplied by 5 as Aegis hits four targets”?

Best thing to do is move the saves from cloud saving to local saves. This tells you how to do it.

Then back up the local saves on to an external drive of some kind - USB key, flash drive, etc, so you have it ready to reinstall.

No, there’s nowhere to ask short questions. Just make a new thread and add your questions in that if it’s related to a particular build you have.

Those local saves are pretty shitty :). No use of them. Those that are missing i what i want.

Wait, does crucible counts as modded game?

Nope. It’s just separate from the main campaign. Characters can go into both.

Tbh most ppl with pirated version have problems and the reports are the same as yours,that they cant update the game since most pirated games are up to a particular update
The latest update of the game atm is The tool supports this version only and gets updated on each update of the game by the author

Get your local savefiles and do it properly bro
If you update the game the saves don’t go anywhere never had a problem

You miss the point. Moving the cloud saving to local will overwrite the current local saves, updating them. Back the local saves up regularly.

Will there be an update for 1.4.1 that just came out ?

buy the game you pirate


First time user here, also new Windows 10 install and getting MSVCP140.dll error. I tried running visual studio 15 but newer version is installed so it wont let me…is there a workaound? After years of procrastination I want to join your ranks.

Please update GI it makes this game so much more enjoyable, especially with the new update… my player name and ALL enemies now are “Tag not found xxxxxxxx”

I signed up just to say thank you, and please keep patching! I’ve only started using GI since It only took me a week to get addicted to its QoL enhancements. The save points, and teleport are amazing for me when I don’t have a ton of time to run around. This old gamer would be happy to see the update. Time to throw your Patreon back up (you should). TIA

I had a feeling 1.4 would have an update soon after. Quick everybody, time to post cute puppy pics so that our queen can start working on an update for 1.4.1…yes?

image Pweeease update?

Edit: since I cant post again here. Thank you!! Very appreciated. Made my night to see 1.4.2

Sadly it looks like Grim Internals will still be needed (at the authors discretion) for least a few more updates. Grim Dawn auto-loot range was increase JUST a little bit but Grim internals auto-loot range is still about 5-7x farther. Grim Dawn’s auto-loot also DOESN’T loot quest items either. Ran through Act 1 earlier to test the update and the Slith Necklace item doesn’t get looted by Grim Dawn sadly.

Just for the fact, that GI will always be up to date,
you deserved any kind of support and gratitude! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Where is the donation button :money_with_wings:?

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Update your rainbow filter mod. That should fix it!