[Tool] Grim Internals

What is pets? :smiley:
I don’t play them but i think pet lovers will like it!

Thank you!

Will this be getting the 1.1.5 update?

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@GlockenGerda: Sorry to bug you again mate.

I have a request for the next update of GI (of course, feel free to say no! You’re the author after all).

Currently the values for incoming and outgoing DPS is shown in red as an “all-time high”

Meaning, that in a current session, I get to see the greatest amount of DPS I dealt, or received.

I was wondering if it was possible for you to add an option which will display the “average value” instead.

It would make testing a lot smoother.

Thanks again for everything!

yes we will get an updated version and most likely with the features that Glocky promised :wink:
Keep in mind to check around the thread if not by tonight most likely tomorrow will be ready


not working atm hope new comes soon

Grim Internals (x64) v1.83 Download-Link (MEGA)

  • added an optional “Grimarillion Crucible” mode (*)
    (see further down for details how to activate this mode and read the Disclaimer!)
  • added “Life Steal” (or rather known as ADCTH) to the DPS info (InfoBox).
    NB: the value in the red “<>” bracket is the most “Life Steal” value you’ve gained at one time (tick)
    whereas the value in “[]” is the most value you’ve gained per second.
  • added a “Always show Arcane Monster” checkbox to the Configurator.
  • added a “Show Grimmer Diff.” checkbox to the Configurator (only enabled when playing the Grimarillion mod).
  • fixed some small bugs / added some small gimmicks

Known issues:

  • Steam Cloud Save is not functioning properly when you launch Grim Internals!
    To prevent possible data loss disable Cloud Saving!
  • some tooltips in the Configurator are missing.
  • The Configurator window becomes unaligned and illegible when the desktop DPI scaling
    is set higher than 100% (A workaround is in the Q&A section, please read it!)
  • You can’t edit/delete teleport locations within the Configurator;
    instead use an external texteditor to edit the file “GrimInternals_TeleportList.txt”.

(*) Grimarillion Crucible Mode
This mode allows you to play Crucible with your grimarillion character!
The Main Campaign/Custom Game Mods are disabled (to avoid messed up stashes, formulas etc.),
only the Crucible Mode is functional!

DLC Forgotten Gods
Installed grimarillion mod

How to activate:
Start GrimInternals with the command line parameter “/grimarillion” (without the quotes).
(It’s best to create a shortcut to GrimInternals64.exe and add the parameter to the Target field).

A red message “Grimarillion Crucible” should be visible in the top left corner on the main menu
and also ZEKE is watching you! :slight_smile:
Now select the Crucible Mode, one of your grimarillion characters and you’re ready to play.

Make a backup of the whole Grim Dawn save folder, before using the Grimarillion Crucible Mode!
I am in no way responsible for the loss or uselessness of your game characters!


You’re welcome!

Yes, I have plans to rewrite the whole “DPS” thingy, like adding a graphical display and so on,
but this will not happen this year.


Thank you glockio
I was updating the Q&A and i saw these
Also the ShowMainMenuGimmick in the .ini is for Zeke’s appearance right? From what i tested that was the only difference i saw
And the Grimmarillion difficulty option wasn’t in the .ini, intended?

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The “ShowMainMenuGimmick” is for displaying Zeke (grimarillion mode) and the parrot (all other modes) on the main menu.
Sometimes there could spawn other creatures as well…

The “show Grimarillion difficulty” option will be written to the .ini file
when you change the checkbox in the Configurator.

Thank you for updating the Q&A!

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Thank you so much for the ultra-fast update! Much appreciated! I still can’t play GD without GI. It’s still essential for me - for QoL, but also for information.

Thank you for your excellent work!

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You’re welcome!
I’m glad that you like my tool!

I can play Grim Dawn without GI since the last QoL improvements Crate made,
but, tbh, playing GD together with Grim Internals is for me a lot more fun. I don’t know why.


I secretly call Grim internals “Grim Eternal”

Because it has forever changed the way I play GD


So true! And that you @GlockenGerda for your dedication and continued support for this amazing mod! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well, I always say i’m gonna do it this time and never do it.

not this time! I created this acc solely for the purpose of congratulating glocken for creating an amazing game tool, without which, even with all the QoL upgrates, we couldnt play the game half as confortable as we’d like.

And props for the community, for the love and support it always, in every single new release, shows towards the game and GI developers. even though i dont play GD that much, i also gotta say, thank you very much for all the GI support and development GlockenGerda =).


Thank you for the time and effort you put into this project! You’re awesome!

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Thanks for the great work, as always <3
It seems like my configurator has some text cut off the lower half. I’m a 4K monitor with UI scale at 150%, I wonder the scaling is responsible for this?
I’d appreciate any of your advice

Yes, see the Q&A post for help.

See here …

As always, thank you for such a fast update.

And I LOVE the parrot. :smiley:

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@slippycheeze @FOE Didn’t notice that, thanks for your reply!

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