[Tool] Grim Internals

So this is interesting - went to play GD, had steam open, ran GI and game came up then crashed stating could not find GD. Restarted steam and GI, game launched but the t00n I was playing last night, gone. Not sure what happened there. And since no cloudsync I assume the t00n is gone? Tks

If you were playing with Steam cloud save on, be sure it is checked on in both the Grim Dawn options and the Steam options for the game.

Or be sure both options are set to what you want, either cloud save on, or cloud save off.

Thanks for the quick reply. According to the author, you need to set steam cloud off. I wasn’t aware that the game had one too, so it was on. Question - If I turn off cloud sync in game, I won’t loose my main GD character? Tks

If you had both off before you crashed, then you should be able to turn both off and your character should be there.

If not, then you’ll need to turn on Steam cloud save in both locations and see if your character is there.

I think sometimes when the game crashes, it defaults to Steam cloud save on.

Thanks, i’ll give it a shot

I’d like to say this mod is awesome. No more clicking all the stuff all day long. After couple hours of gaming i took a break and after i came back my hero was semigod. Facetanking nemesis, cos health just kept going up no matter what i did to boss. i tried to search all the answers from /.ini etc, but no luck. What happened? Did i switch something accidentally? im either stupid or something s wrong.

Absolutely there is not any single chance for any kind of cheatlike feature you mention to exist in the GI tool, the author and everyone else was against it.
If it happens again can you post your character build just in case?

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this build aint finished yet and i understand thrash mobs dying fast, but Boss and Nemesis should break a sweat? I just dont understand what happened…

Weird…The build looks ok too me tbh
you happen to play in mods?

I have item assistant for banking and only playing story line all by myself. Grim internals was first experiment on “mod” type grim dawn and only wanted it for autopickup and nemesis alert

Try to play normally. Now i tried to play without any APPS/MOD s and i dont know whats happening,cos
seems like i dont have cooldowns on procs. as a example …my fighting spirit is on a repeat and it should have 16sec cooldown. feels like this toon is running faster etc. I am killing machine when i stand in middle of mobs. Also tried SR on ultimate and got 35 cleared. usually died at ELITE30. interesting problem and i have my original saves so not worried to lose all

Something is going on with your client mate
do a verify on files and try again cause GI users never reported anything like this

yea this is no GI related im pretty sure about it also, but problem occured at the same time.
verified many times but nothing change.

Hi there, is it possible to change the FONT style of the info box stuff which sits on the screen, its like time new roman and a little difficult for me to look at it, can I change the style of the font, the font size and colours??

Thanks in advance

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Ignore this message

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Ok thanks for letting me know, I run 2k on a 32" screen and the text is hard to read when looking at the screen thats all, I sort of like the stats but cant really see them this is why originally asked, but thank you for your reply, cheers

Oh friend i just realised what you asked. Sorry bro

In the griminternals.ini file search for : infoboxfontSize
and you can set the font size here. Try 24 it would be perfect i think. Just play around with numbers and just keep in mind ti do a change and then run the game


So the cat turned off the infobox in grim internals and i can’t figure out how to get it back.
The only thing i find in the configurator that seems to have anything to do with the infobox
is whether to use 2 infoboxes, which when ticked turns on a second infobox near the bottom left
but doesn’t turn on the first one…so I need help

What probably happened is the cat must have somehow moved these shown sliders which adjust the X and Y values of where it gets positioned on your screen. It’s still there but somehow its no longer in view. You need to readjust them until it shows back up on screen.