[Tool] Grim Internals

Updated for patch

Get it from the first post or here

I haven’t add any new features, because I’m not playing Grim Dawn anymore.
At least 'til the expansion arrives…

thanks alot for the update

Do I always have to run Grim Internals in order to use it?

You’re welcome!


Update v1.14

  • fixed an issue with displaying damageTypes multiple times
  • added statisticText for the new Debuff Status Effect Icons (from GD v1.0.1.0)
  • changed color codes for debuff effects: green = positive, red = negative
    (white = duration/fixed damage types)

download here

P.S.: don’t forget to enable the statisticText by pressing Shift+F1 ingame, not in the menu. :wink:

Update v1.15

  • added number of kills for nerds :stuck_out_tongue:
    (B = Boss, H = Hero, CH = Champion, C = Common)
  • added number of dropped epics and legendary items

Update v1.16

  • fix: dropped epic/legend. items were not count correctly

Update v1.17

  • changed “Dropped Epics/Legend. Items” statistic info to a more detailed
    info message.
    Now it shows all dropped items. (for all the statistic freaks out there…) :rolleyes:
    C: common, M: magic, R: rare items etc…

download here

Have fun!

Update v1.18

  • added: Configurator to enable/disable some features (press CTRL + F5 ingame to show/hide)
  • added: .csv textfile output for killed Heroes and Bosses (with date, name of the boss, region where you killed him)
  • added: .csv textfile output for dropped Items (rare, epic and legendaries)
  • the .csv textfiles will be saved automatically if you went back to the main menu
  • (you can disable the saving with the configurator)
  • saved .csv textfiles can be found at “C:\Users[your name]\documents\my games\Grim Dawn\log”
  • added: money counter (how much iron bits you get/lose per session)

Recommendation: use this tool only if Grim Dawn is running in windowed/borderless mode;
fullscreen mode doesn’t seem to work. (At least for me - screen is always black using windows 10)

nice stuff。 Good work

But I encountered an issue. when executing this program, a window pops up with the information Grimdawn.exe has wrong filesize.

what does it mean?

EDIT 1: which category or file address should we place it?
it seems I don’t see any sign of execution of the programme which I save under GRIM DAWN game folder. but it can successfully freeze and crash the game

My tool works only with Grim Dawn v1.0.1.1
Be sure you’ve updated your game.

You should copy my tool to the Grim Dawn installation directory and start it from there with administrator rights.
Hope, this helps.

yes I executed it exactly as instructed. It will activate the game. However in my case, the game will be frozen and crash before entering the main menu.
Current game version 1011

Can you please restart windows and then try it again?
I’m curious if it works with a cleaned up memory.
Also can you tell me what windows version you’re using
and whether you’re using the GoG or steam version of the game?

I’ve to figure out why it won’t work.
Thank you!

Cleaned up first post! :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: v1.19
made small changes to the dll injection method.

Thank you for making great tool!

It’d be nice if you can move the info screen to other side like left-top, left-bottom or right-bottom since current position covers minimap.
And hope you can toggle buff text on/off so that only debuff texts display.

Anyway I really love the debuff info in text format and CC floating message.
If there’s a way to tweak the position of info screen and toggle buff text, then this tool would be perfect! :))

Hi Grimduck,

thank you for the response!
At the moment I can’t move the info screen to another location, because I’m using an internal
Grim Dawn routine and I can’t hook it yet without having a CTD.
But you can now toggle debuffs/buffs text on/off with the Configurator (CTRL+F5). See my post below.

Have fun!

Update v1.20

  • added separate checkboxes to enable/disable debuffs- and buffs text display.
  • enabled the game log file (but disabled by default, because it’s only interesting for modders, I guess)
  • If needed, you can enable it with the Configurator (CTRL+F5)
  • The log file is stored at “C:\Users[your name]\Documents\my games\Grim Dawn\Log.html” resp. " … Log.xml"
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Update v1.21

  • moved the statistic info display to the left side of the screen, so it doesn’t overwrite the minimap anymore.
  • statistic info display is now hidden if you disable the UI.

Update v1.22

  • floating text wasn’t shown; fixed

Update v1.23

  • Death counter was only shown once; fixed

Update v1.24

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a game freeze

Update v1.25

  • StatisticTextDamage window is now hidden by default (press Shift+F1 to show/hide)
  • enabled developer debuglog in the console window (only if you’re using a mod)
  • Press PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN to scroll through the messages
  • Press CTRL+PAGEDOWN to jump to the end of the messages again
  • Known issue: sometimes GD will crash if you exit the game.

I love this man. I was away sometime till exp came so
i was wondering if you are gonna update this to work on the exp.
Thanks for your hard work

Sorry for the delay, Darkstalix!

Update v1.26

  • works now with GD v1.0.2.1