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I reinstalled from steam, followed installation instructions and is working fine now, thanks

I heared on a youtube that you can adjust monster healthbars. If I play the game I don’t see difference between my pets and the monsters. I’d like to make my pets just fixed green (so not 3-color scheme, but just green) and same for monsters, but than red. Is that possible? And if so, how do I change this (I can find the *.ini file, but don’t know how the colorcoding exactly works).

How to modify the health bars is outlined in the Q&A section. Click the Q&A below to see what is possible and how to modify the colour settings. You can also modify the bar length, height and width

Got it working now, ty!

Thank you so much for Grim Internals, it makes playing Grim Dawn absolutely amazing. I do have one issue however. If I have launched Grim Internals and played Grim Dawn, if I try to open Grim Internals at a later time it gives me the following error message and fails to launch: “OpenProcess{} failed”. By trying to reinstall both Grim Dawn and Grim Internals I found that some Grim Internal files could not be deleted because they were still running in Grim Dawn (even though I see no Grim Dawn nor Grim Internals process running in Windows Task Manager). I forgot to write down the name but it was a griminternalsx64.dll file perhaps? Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

Thank you so much for your hard work and continued support of the Grim Dawn community.

Why is the cooldown of Blood of Dreeg not shown? It is a skill.
I know I can toggle ‘Show Temporary Buffs’

It shows up on my cooldowns, have you tried checking all of your settings?Try running GI as administrator? Maybe try uninstall and reinstall? or restart your computer?

By open I assume you mean ctrl+f5 while in grim dawn. You can’t run a second instance of GI itself.
You should see the following in Task manager


If one or both don’t show there you’ll need to restart windows I’m afraid. The process(es) have hung. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your answer.

Well I see yellow War Cry cooldown text. GI is working fine.
Do you have it shown in the same color as War Cry?
I know that I can have Blood Dreeg shown as Temporary Buff (it shows the time blood of dreeg is going to work then).
I would like to see its cooldown.

The cooldown is only shown when the skill is not active; in the case of “Blood of Dreeg”
the duration is longer than the cooldown.

Of course, I can show the cooldowns of activated skills if desired, but they would be not displayed one row below the other, rather then in different lines because GI uses two different routines for that display.

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The error message “OpenProcess() failed” means that GI can’t load and start the Grim Dawn.exe.
The reason could be that Grim Dawn is still running in the background, or
that a antivirus program prevents GI to start Grim Dawn.

Maybe you mean the Rainbow text colors mod?

[color=red]Red text here[/color]

Red text here

You can also reply to people’s posts which brings up the editor - press the quote button, like so…

…which inserts the person’s text into the editor whom you are replying to and thus allowing you to see exactly how they configured their posts.

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Back when they implemented the “new” forum last summer omnitrio created a “test topic” where him and I both did a lot of testing of the limits of what was possible with the forums editor. There are tons of examples in this thread…

…that you can learn from if you like. We had a bit of fun with it.


Still waiting for you to finish that guide on to how to use the forum. :upside_down_face:

hah… I have to see if I have the willpower yet to continue on with it. Have to think on that :wink: If I did I think I’d probably scrap what is there and redo it differently.

I’m having an issue where the ui for the configurator is scaled wrong for my 4k monitor. I can’t see any of the options. Is there anyway I can disable the dpi scaling for it? Or do I have to modify something in the .ini file?

Search for


under [Configurator] in the .ini file and set the value to 1.5 or 2.0.
You have to restart GI after you’re done with it.

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Thank you very much! :grinning:

Hey guys!

Is it hard to code the feature when you loot an item with GI (or other?) program is marking that item is learned via blueprint or something? :slight_smile: Like Thud under D3… Flashing when not cubed. :slight_smile:

tl;dr: I wanna stash only “unlearned” items :sweat_smile:

Thank you!