[Tool] Grim Internals

I don’t think that it is possible to identify an item, whether it was learned by blueprint or not.
If someone has other infos, please inform me.
At least it is possible to identify an item, whether it has a new illusion available or not.

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in <blueprint>.dbr there is a string like “artifactName,records/items/upgraded/gearhead/c049_head.dbr,”
the only way i found is to store a list of pairs “blueprint-item”


I hope ‘ftaru’ added a good hint for somehow doing it. :blush:

I am far from thinking that GlockenGerda needs my tips -)

Oh, you made a good tip!
I was looking at the item structure to determine if the item was learned by a blueprint. Comparing the item name with all learned blueprints makes more sense. Thanks for the tip!

@ocsisajt What is the reason to stash only unlearned items?
I ask because to see if the effort is worth fulfilling your wish (and if it would be useful for other GI users).

Reason is soo simple :slight_smile:

Because if i have the opportunity to craft an item then i don’t need to stash it.
With crafting i can add stun/freeze/etc whatevs i want. :slight_smile: (but you know it :sweat_smile:)

It would be soo awesome to do this feature! :blush:

So, with the next GI version you can enable marks for dropped items (with special properties) for better visibilty (could be handy if you don’t have a rainbow filter installed or you have bad eyes like me).

Atm I’m thinking about how to display the different items.
Currently it looks like this:

  1. *= new transmog available for the Illusionist
  2. ! = Item can be crafted (already learned by a blueprint) for @ocsisajt :slight_smile:
  3. [MI+] Monster Infrequent with 1 rare affix
  4. [MI++] Monster Infrequent with 2 rare affixes
  5. [DR] = Double Rare item

If you have a suggestion how to display those items better, please drop me a hint! Thanks!


ALREADY LOVING IT!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:

Thank you soo much! :slight_smile:

edit: If i check them later in inventory there will be a mark for them too? :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course! :wink:

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Love it already

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Glocken, you spoil us… :heart:

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Will that next update still work with rainbow filter?

for me “rainbow filter” is bad option: i.e. the rainbow filters’s name look like устойчивая {^L}печатка Кронли {^Y}волшебства, so my stasher didn’t find any item for query “устойчивая печатка Кронли
hmm… i could clear the items names from special characters before search or even when adding its to ntqv.db… -)

Ah…Russian language. That explain why you have issue. There is no issue on English language version.

The rainbow filter author prolly use the Russian language community pack.

no, color prefixes is feathure of rainbow filter, not russian language -)))

Well. I use English version. There is no special character letter on items name.

key words are “MY STASHER” -)

oh. sorry.

Hey guys. I downloaded the mod and followed the instructions as far as extracting, adding to steam library. However I can’t get GI to run. I have tried with and without GD running, but no success. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am on the Steam US version of the game. Didn’t know if that made a difference or not.