[Tool] Grim Internals

Ive done this and it changed nothing, unfortunately.

Steam Cloud in the ‘Updates’ tab of the GD section of STEAM is unchecked; in-game Cloud Saving is unchecked.

Im not sure what gives. Literally the only thing thats changed has been my installation of Full Rainbow and Grim Internals.

You can try

but whether it’ll work or not …

Really? Huh, crud. I’ve never had an issue with it. But I’ve also only ever had to restore once about a year and a half ago so my n=1 isn’t that significant.

Maybe it’s better if you’re using it for cloud saving. I’ve just heard it can screw up saves; @powbam probably knows more.

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Only used this mod a couple hours and liking it so far but (yes, there is a but, sorry ! :flushed: ) … There is two things I noticed and not sure if it been talked about before, after all there is over 5k posts and a bit to much to read through to find out so here goes.

When moving items from Inventory Bag to Smuggler Stash using SHIFT + Left Click the item just disappears, it does work when playing without Grim Internals. Also, it works if you doing it FROM the Smuggler Stash to the Inventory Bag, so a bit strange behavior. :thinking: I do have Grim UI: X-mod installed as well, for larger stash space. Would that possible interfere with the SHIFT + Left Click function when using GrimInternals ??

Then I also noticed when playing the game through GrimInternal exe, the Time Played/Last Played in GOG Galaxy is not counted, unless you happen to trigger a Achievement, then the Time/Last Played gets triggered. I know this isn’t that important, but thought I mention it incase it hasn’t been before.

I do apologize if the above have been posted before but I’m afraid it is way to many posts to go through to find out ! :flushed:

Thanks again for such an awesome mod ! :clinking_glasses:

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This is another case, which I cannot reproduce, unfortunately!

Edit: Has anyone else seen items disappear when using the Smuggler Stash?
If so, I will remove the GI download link until I find a solution to fix the issue.

I haven’t tested it yet, but I assume it’s because the GOG version contains no DRM,
which means, if you start Grim Internals (which loads the Grim Dawn.exe) GOG Galaxy didn’t take notice of it, so the time played is not measured by GOG Galaxy.
(I hope I made it reasonably understandable.)

Sadly I can’t do anything to fix this issue (without investing a lot of work).

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Yeah, it is a bit weird it working one way and not the other. To bad it seems to be a random thing though, since you couldn’t reproduce it.

Yes, you made it understandable ! It also makes sense in the way that when an achievement is made, the GOG get triggered and shows the lasted played time at least. Can’t recall if it did add to the total time though, my bad there. I keep an eye on it when next achievement pops up.

I’ll also try and start the game by using the Grim Dawn exe directly, want to see if that effects the GOG Galaxy launcher or not, since as you said, it is not a DRM bound game, so should be able to start without the Galaxy.
Edit: Yup, starting the game directly through the Grim Dawn exe does not affect the GOG launcher, still says I played the game an hour ago, and not a minute, so most likely that’s how it works by using the GrimInternal launcher as well. Ahh well, at least that explains it ! :crazy_face:

Thank you for your speedy replies ! Much appreciated ! :clinking_glasses:

I still cant access my old characters :confused:
Im not sure what to do. Grim Internals really shredded my vibe for this game.

Have you followed this tutorial?

If yes and it still doesn’t work, enable cloud save again and don’t use GI.

Thanks for the info! So I don’t need to test it by myself!

been using the § that is on the left side of 1 for health potions before i swapped to grim internals, but apparently that’s the hotkey used for the “console”.

is it possible to disable/change they hotkey for the “console”?

Are you playing a custom mod?
The main campaign doesn’t have the console enabled and GI doesn’t change this behavior.

No, the hotkey is hardcoded.

You can use AutoHotkey script for that. Set potions to P in Grim Dawn Keybindings and run


`::Send {P}

I see, to bad

yah, we playing custom some hair mod one of the other guys wanted to use of some reason

@ tqFan

would have wanted to avoid the hassle of ahk in one game after coming from poe, guess i will have to :<

Is there an Icon for grim internals? Where can I find one if it isn’t available?

? .exe has an icon.

Nevermind, I ripped it out of the exe.

Nearly perfect, outstanding job, @GlockedGerda

The only thing I’d give my left hand for (on a 2nd thought I might settle for my right toenail) is moar hotkeys. Esp. for time scale. I’m glad it exists, but opening the config screen, fiddling with the sliders, that could be smoother. Maybe hotkeys for increment/decrement in 0.1 or 0.5 steps, doesnt matter that much

I’m kinda “meh” when it comes to implementing hotkeys in tools like this. It’s not something you want to go overboard with because it can bring you into conflict with hotkeys that are system-wide, that your OS uses - as well as the game.

Maybe the ability to set the hotkeys on your own perhaps - and put the onus for that on the user instead. That way if the user conflicts with system hotkeys or hotkeys they might have delegated in other programs they are using, that’s on them to deal with.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The speed multiplier slider is intended to simply increase the game speed constantly by a certain factor to have a more fluid game experience, so I don’t want to add hotkeys for that, at least not for a toenail. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: